How Dedicated Servers Boost the Performance of A Business Blog

Running a successful blog requires more than just knowing how to write content and how to communicate with your readers. In fact, many successful bloggers might say that the ‘technical part’ of their project probably had a bigger impact on their success compared to the content they provided to their visitors. Regardless what sort of blog you are hosting, there is one thing for certain – as you gain more popularity, you’ll need to revise your hosting plan and consider paying more for better services and hardware resources. But what is the best money can get? The answer to this question is, surprisingly, quite simple – dedicated server hosting.

Many people who have not had much experience with web hosting companies may think that paying for dedicated server hosting may be out of their budget, but the reality is that nowadays services of this sort are not that expensive, and they are often the best choice due to numerous reasons that we’ll discuss in-depth in the next few paragraphs. Flexibility, independence, enhanced security, better support, and customization options are just some of the benefits of dedicated server hosting. If you are considering whether to pay for dedicated server hosting or not, then it is in your best interest to keep on reading because we’ll take a closer look at what this type of hosting has to offer, and how it can help you grow your blog, reach, and exposure.

Dedicated Servers Give You The Optimum Balance Between Price, Resources, and Reliability

Inexperienced webmasters may not be familiar with how different web hosting services can be. There’s a massive difference between paying for basic web hosting, a virtual private server, or a dedicated server. In the first two scenarios, you get a limited amount of customization options, as well as a limited amount of resources that you’ll need to share with other clients of the company you chose. While basic web hosting is very limited and is usually only suitable for small clients, virtual private servers (VPS) are slightly better. VPS is superior to basic web hosting because there is some room for modification when it comes to picking what software the server should run, and what settings it should use. In addition to this, a virtual private server is on another level in terms of the hardware resources and bandwidth available to the client.

However, this does not mean that they can match a dedicated server which gives you a huge number extras such as:

  1. A scalable offer that can be modified according to your current needs. This makes expanding your server much easier and less troublesome.
  2. Your server is yours and yours only. You don’t share it with other users, and all resources are yours to take.
  3. Hosting companies own massive data servers which use state-of-the-art technologies and network connections which ensure that your server will be running at all times without a hitch in its stability or performance.
  4. If you expand your web properties and try out a new domain extension ( you will remain completely in control of any tests you run with new website.

It is true that a dedicated server can be a bit pricier, but administrators of business blogs growing at a fast pace should know that there isn’t a better alternative in this price range.

Fully Flexible and Customizable Server At Your Disposal

The problem with lesser hosting plans is that they are usually quite limited when it comes to the software they run, as well as the settings it uses. Outdated CPanel versions, inaccessible PHP settings, limited choice of database servers, and a small number of FTP or mail servers are just some of the problems that clients may encounter when they opt for a VPS or basic web hosting. With a dedicated server, you get to use the software you desire, with the settings that you prefer. This may sound like a challenge to set up, but most reputable hosting companies have technical support teams that are ready to assist with any issues that may emerge. Furthermore, opting to use the services of an IT specialist to help with a task is also a good idea, since a well set up dedicated server can offer performance, reliability, and stability that few other hosting offers can match.

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Dedicated Server Hosting Is One of The Most Secure Options Available

It is without doubt that hosting companies take the necessary measures to ensure the security of their clients. For example, users who opt to pay for a VPS will get a set amount of resources, as well as a server environment that is separated from that of other customers for the sake of their security. While this is usually enough to ensure the safety of clients, there’s no telling what would happen if this isolation gets penetrated by cyber criminals who’ve managed to hack another client that was using outdated and vulnerable software. This might put your entire business blog at risk, and it goes without saying that this is a situation that you don’t want to find yourself in.

Top Notch Performance, Reliability, and a More Pleasant Experience For Users

The more your website grows, the more resources it will demand – CPU, RAM, bandwidth, and storage space. Meeting these demands is crucial because failing to cover even one of them could result in a variety of problems – malfunctioning services, lost data, slower loading speed, and overall poorer user experience. It goes without saying that any business blog which wants to expand its reach must start by ensuring that it is hosted on a service that is ready to meet the rapidly increasing requirements. We already mentioned that by using a dedicated server you won’t have any other people utilizing your server’s resources While this strengthens security, it also enhances performance since it ensures that a malfunction in someone else’s software won’t end up draining the server’s resources and bandwidth.

Final Words

Postponing the purchase of dedicated server hosting for too long may end up costing you dearly, since having a popular website that does not run smoothly or has poor loading times may result in the loss of new visitors and could put off even the regular ones. Naturally, this type of hosting is not recommended for rookies in the industry, but it should be the first thing to consider when you notice that your audience is growing at a steady rate. A good dedicated server can provide you with reliability and high performance for years to come, therefore ensuring part of your website’s success. In addition to this, most companies would be happy to negotiate when you are at a point where you want your dedicated server’s hardware to be upgraded in order to meet your new requirements. The experts at the company will make the migration to a new server quick and seamless, ensuring minimum downtimes for your business blog.

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