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An Idiot’s Guide to Email Automation for Bloggers

An Idiot’s Guide to Email Automation for Bloggers

An Idiots Guide to Email Automation for Bloggers

Have you ever wondered how celebrity bloggers can get thousands of views right after posting their new content?

It’s not a form of black magic, mind you. It’s a digital marketing strategy called email automation.

You see, apart from quality content, your email list is the most valuable resource you can have as a blogger. Why? Because it allows you to quickly reach out to your audience.

With a qualified email list, you can direct traffic to your website without having to worry about algorithm changes or social media platforms. Plus, you can monetize your email campaigns by keeping your audience engaged and up-to-date with your brand.

In fact, bloggers who use email campaigns as part of their content marketing strategy have the potential to earn a higher revenue than those who don’t.

According to this survey, bloggers with an email marketing strategy earn up to 447% more than those without one. And even though email marketing seems like it requires hard work, you can easily set it up with a few simple email automation strategies.

And here’s the truth:

You don’t have to spend a lot of time (or money!) creating awesome email content to send to your subscribers’ list.

Here are some email automation tactics to ensure that you never lose touch with your audience:

Keep your email list in the loop by sending newsletters automatically

Drafting weekly newsletters can seem like a drag when you don’t have much time in your hands. The easiest way to update your subscribers with what’s happening on your blog is to create newsletters automatically with the RSS-to-Email feature.

email to rss

All you have to do is grab your blog’s RSS feed URL and plug it in your email platform. The tool will automatically pull out the latest posts from your blog that it can send to subscribers.

Then, choose a segmented list of recipients, set the email frequency, and schedule the time and day when the newsletters will be sent.

This simple strategy is perfect for bloggers who want to notify their email list instantly whenever a new blog entry goes live. Also, most of the free email services have this feature, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Repurpose old blog content to increase new sign-ups

Nothing excites web visitors more than the opportunity to get something they consider to be valuable for free.

One way you can put your blog’s evergreen content to good use is to put together an email course that acts as an opt-in incentive for new subscribers.

There are different ways you can repurpose content for email automation:

  • Turn blog posts into ebooks, flipbooks, podcasts, or presentation
  • Compile your best posts and create a drip campaign sequence to a segment of your subscribers
  • Combine your posts to create an email course about your specialty or niche

By doing any of the above, you not only have an opportunity to turn website visitors to engaged readers. You’re also leaving them with a good first impression of your brand!

Give new subscribers a treat with personalized bonus content

Of course, the giving doesn’t stop there. Another strategy is to give new subscribers value-added content by offering them access to downloadable files that cater to their specific interests.

Using the content upgrade strategy will make new subscribers feel like they’ve hit the jackpot with the resources that you’re giving away.

This automation strategy is a good way to enforce your subscribers’ loyalty to your blog. Even if they stumble upon other niche-related blogs, they’ll always go back to yours. By making your followers an offer they can’t refuse in your marketing email, it’s easy to win them over.

It would also help if you use exit-intent technology on your pop-up forms to increase the chances of conversion.

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Keep your subscribers engaged by sending reminder emails

Another way to keep your subscribers engaged is by turning your giveaway into an email series.

After giving them their opt-in incentive and their personalized bonus content, a couple of reminder emails will help increase brand awareness and enforce your authority over your niche.

If you’re offering a free trial of a product or a service, you can use automation tools to remind your email list to take advantage of your offer.

Reminder emails can be a good way to drive urgency, especially if your goal is hit a specific number of downloads within a given timeframe.

Ask subscribers to answer a survey

In business, the only way you can turn potential customers into paying customers is by making sure that they’re happy. Same goes with nurturing your email list. Your subscribers need to be happy with your content to keep opening your emails. And the best way to know what will keep them happy is to ask them.

active campaign survey

One of the most underrated, and yet effective lead nurturing methods is to ask subscribers to answer a survey. But don’t use any boring survey. Make sure that the email pops with great images that match the equally great content.

If you’ve always wanted to increase your conversion rate and create a loyal fanbase without having to put in hours and hours of hard work, then it’s time to give these simple automation strategies a try. Want to know if Active Campaign is the right marketing software for you?

Check out this Active Campaign review to see how it can help you automate your email campaigns and keep your brand in front of your target audience. 

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