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How to Make Money on Amazon

How to Make Money on Amazon

how to make money on amazon

Amazon is a worldwide powerhouse for buying and selling. Becoming a part of the selling side of the platform is easier than you may think. If you are looking to make money on Amazon as a full-time job or a new side hustle, keep reading!

How to Make Money On Amazon

If you want to become a seller on Amazon, you have to accomplish a few things first. There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to finding the goods and services you want to extend to the world, but there are a few best practices to do so.

1. Develop your product(s)

If there is a product you are passionate about, chances are, many others are passionate about it as well. Maybe you are crafty and are driven to pursue handmade goods using Amazon Handmade. Others may want to deliver niche goods and services via a manufacturing company. Developing and finalizing exactly what it is that you want to sell is the key first step to beginning your Amazon seller journey.

2. Find your audience

Knowing your audience is essential to creating a successful Amazon store. Marketing and outreach can help to boost your visibility with the vastness that Amazon poses as a whole. Your products will also need keywords to boost search results, similar to SEO in blogging and website management.

3. Logistics 

How will you get your products to your new customers? Developing a solid game plan for carrying out your store is crucial to the overall longevity ability of the store. Can the plan sustain itself for an extended amount of time? Will it provide a realistic profit margin after the cost to create and manufacture the product and then ship it around the world?

Maneuvering the red tape sell under a private label will be a logistical step as well. A popular avenue to take as an Amazon seller is to let Amazon do the heavy lifting by using FBA, short for Fulfillment by Amazon. Using FBA allows for processing time to be shortened and have a more probable option to use Amazon Prime in your sales where 2-day shipping can be provided for consumers due to the manufacturing, private labeling, and processing speeds.

4. Sell, Sell, Sell

Once you have developed your strategies and logistical game plan, found your audience, and perfected your manufacturing details, it’s time to focus on selling! This can be done through your marketing strategies, social media, as well as old-fashioned word of mouth.

How to Make Money On Amazon: Influencer Amazon Storefront

Selling is not the only way to make money on Amazon. In fact, using Amazon as a commission income has given plenty of social media influencers an incredible income boost due to linking their Amazon Storefront to their profiles by becoming an Amazon Influencer on top of their everyday lifestyle, beauty, fitness, etc, content.

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If you have a TikTok, or other social media platform, you have probably seen an “Amazon Haul”, or a review of a specific purchase. At the end of the haul or product review, the influencer most likely said that the product(s), are located on their Amazon Storefront for purchase. What you may not know is that they receive a commission off of each purchase that is done through their storefront link.

How to Make Money On Amazon: Become a Flex Driver

You may have noticed that not all Amazon deliveries come in the iconic Amazon vans and trucks anymore. Some come to your door via an everyday Honda or Nissan. Amazon Flex drivers are typically scheduled in 5-hour shifts, but if those set deliveries are finished early, drivers still get their entire shift amount. Drivers can reserve specific blocks of time to make their deliveries, and they then use their own cars to complete them. Typically drivers will make between $18-$25 an hour, but more could be earned due to tips during the deliveries. The scheduling aspect is as flexible as the name suggests. Drivers can schedule the timeslots they are available each week, or each day if their day-to-day is constantly changing.


Amazon has several different pathways to make a considerable amount of money, either as a side hustle or a full-time job. Whether you are interested in handcrafting your products, manufacturing them in a separate facility, working out of a commission-based storefront, or as a flex driver, Amazon can bring in more cash for your lifestyle and schedule.

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