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Creating More Engaging Blog Content: 14 Resources

Creating More Engaging Blog Content: 14 Resources

The goal of every blog is to build a highly engaged readership. Doing this will allow you as blogger to interact with your target audience and gain greater insight to their interest, desires, and others. Knowing these will provide you information that you can use to create more targeted content to further engage your audience.

The more connected your audience is with you blog, the better your chances of meeting your other goals such as turning visitors into leads or customers. (Click Here to Tweet This Quote!)

To reach this point with your blog, you need to ensure that every post you publish from hereon out is optimized to maximize engagement with your audience.

Before we relay tips and ideas on how you can engage more with your blog content, we need to identify the factors that makes for an engaging blog content:

  • Lots of social shares – The more shares it tallies in Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites, the more authoritative it is to readers. You’d want your posts to reach as many shares as possible so that your content will not only reach your target readers, but also gain more influence in your niche.
  • Lots of blog comments – Comments from your readers are opportunities for you to develop your relationships with them. More blog comments also means that you are effective using your blog as an engagement tool.
  • Lots of subscribers – If you are running an email newsletter campaign, having more subscribers means more opportunities for you to engage with them, if not turn them into customers!

Having established the factors of engaging blog content, below are the tools and resources you can use to produce this.

To increase social shares:

ShareThis and AddThis – Both tools display social sharing buttons to popular sites at any position in your web page. Choosing the most appropriate position will make it easier for readers to share your blog content in their preferred sites.

Zapier – To automate your social sharing activity, use this paid social media tool and set it up so it creates updates about your latest blog post to different social sites. To learn how to do this, refer to this post at the Buffer Blog.

IFTTT – This tool is similar to Zapier, but is free and offers less social media sites. Nonetheless, this is a great way to save time from manually promoting your blog posts. Find out how you can set this up by reading this post at Tweak Your Biz.

Click to Tweet – Create tweetable quotes messages and embed them in your content. This way, people can click on them to post the quote on their Twitter accounts.

OnePress Social Locker – This nifty tool lets you “lock” your content so your visitors won’t be able to read the whole thing. To “unlock” the content, they need to share it on social media.

To increase blog comments:

CommentLuv – When fellow bloggers comments on your blog with this tool on, their comment will contain a link to their latest blog. Using CommentLuv encourages bloggers to comment and make a connection with you so they can get a link back to their blog as well.

Disqus – This commenting platform lets you and your readers vote up the best comments in the page. You can also tag other users in comments and they will be notified so they can reply back.

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To increase subscribers:

SumoMe – This freemium tool has lots of features to help increase your blog traffic. But its email features such as the List Builder (opt-in form that fades into middle of screen), Scroll Box (form that appears up the page after visitors have scrolled down the page), and Smart Bar (a horizontal bar on top of the page) are some of its best. Use any of the three to hike up your email subscribers.

MailPoet – This newsletter plugin for WordPress can be featured on your sidebar so you can get the emails of visitors. The great thing about this tool is the ability to run different campaigns (newsletter, autoresponders, post notifications, etc.). For example, you can offer premium content (ebooks, whitepapers) for free if they sign up with the email address. After signing up, you can set up MailPoet to send out the link to the resource so they can download it from there.

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