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Essential Tips for Your Travel Blog

Essential Tips for Your Travel Blog

The dream of getting paid to travel the world has become a recognised and popular profession in recent years with a huge number intrepid of travel bloggers out there right now. With so many writers saturating the web with their tales and tips for travellers, new bloggers tend to follow established patterns and copy the success of others, therefore contributing to the monotonousness of it all.

If you’re currently trying to build a following or thinking of starting out as a travel blogger these are the tips you need to avoid mimicking what’s already out there or making rookies errors.

Take Them with You

Decent travel writing makes the reader feel like they’re on the journey right there with you and no matter where you land, there are some unique morsels of information you can provide to make readers feel it. For instance, I recently read an article by Voucherbox which informed me that rural Dull in Scotland is twinned with Boring in the United Sates and Bland in Australia. Little snippets of information like this that can make your blog a vastly more interesting read. This made me want to know how the three towns make fun of their silly names and how they pulled out a great PR stunt.

Your travel blog is your unique story that should be memorable and it’s through the details you provide that you’ll be set you apart, so you need to provide all the info. This doesn’t mean just reading itineraries as it will be really tedious, but extract the interesting parts about the location and the people and focus on those minuscule little details that made the place special to you. If you meet someone a little crazy, describe them, if you ate something disgusting, talk about it. It’s these details that will make people care about the journey and want to share your story again and again.




In terms of practicalities, making your blog physically readable and accessible is the name of the game. There are so many bloggers out there that produce content that is just unreadable due to their bizarre selection of colours, theme and web toys. Everyone wants a custom blog, but so many bloggers don’t know what they are doing in terms of design, so the writing gets lost in all the mess.

There is an abundance of templates that will suit your needs and allow you to produce writing that will keep people coming back. A travel blog should be a healthy mix of words and pictures that support your content and convey meaning. Telling your story in the most effective way is often a case of keeping it simple and cutting out the complex add-ons that distract and confuse.


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This applies to all blogs and you’re probably already aware that the more often you blog, the more traffic you’ll get to your website. It’s great to start building an increasing collection of subscribers each time you generate a post in your blogosphere. Yet, just as important as volume is consistency, particularly in the early establishment of your blog. If you publish 20 posts in one month and then only 5 the next month, the inconsistency will confuse your subscribers and they’ll move on to a rival. Online users make a commitment to those who regularly publish quality content to their blogs. You’ll need a concrete planning strategy to ensure that followers visit your blog safe in the knowledge you’ll have a new article waiting to be devoured.

It’s crowded out there in the travel blogosphere, but there’s no reason to be hesitant about trying your hand, as your voice might be just what people want to read. Hopefully, these tips will help you stand out from the crowd and you’ll have the fuel to the fire to step up your blogging game and live many people’s dream job.

This article was contributed by Lauren Thorpe. Lauren is a travel and technology blogger originally from the North of England. Having travelled across Europe and Asia, she is now living in the United States currently writing on the latest technology trends for digital publications.

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  • Consistency is key! 100% so may travel bloggers are not consistent. One minute they pump out 20 post then the next month they do one. It is the same across the social media platforms. The same if they are posting about food, then adventure, then family travel…. the one I love is one minute it is luxury travel then it is backpacking. Keep it consistent.

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