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How to Get Your Blog to be Ranked like a Leading Brand in 2017

How to Get Your Blog to be Ranked like a Leading Brand in 2017

Who doesn’t want to have a top rated website these days? The fact that anyone anywhere can have their own domain and web address where they can upload any content that they want is nothing short of amazing, but the difficulty for individuals or groups that want to create a website or blog today is that there is so much noise that they have to fight through for their blog to see the light of day.

It’s a blessing and a curse to have content creation and publication be so easy and widely accessible, but if everyone can do it, how can you have your own blog stand out from the rest of the crowd?

Here are just a few ways that you can get your blog to be ranked like a big brand here in 2017.

Be a Leader Instead of a Follower.

The goal here is to push your blog before all of the others, and that can happen in one of several ways. The most important way is the most natural way –to become a source rather than a repeater of common knowledge.

Like we said before, there are tons of voices out there on the internet, all of them trying to get visitors’ attention. So how do you have your own blog’s voice sing out the loudest and clearest? By making yourself into a go-to source.

You can make your blog into a go-to source for information by not doing something called “spinning”, which is the act of regurgitating already known information just for the sake of having content. It is by creating brand new content with brand new information direct from sources that you can make your blog into a source rather than a repeater.

Being a source is great because it is your website and blog that will be cited and accredited as the breaking point for news or updates or quotes. For example, if you interview a hard-to-get-ahold-of innovator or entrepreneur about a subject that information is sought after, you have the inside scoop, and having that interview be on your blog first makes you the source of that desired information. Anyone who wants the content that you created will have to go to your blog to view or access it, and that means more natural traffic for your blog, which means you will have a higher rating online.

Generate Natural and Organic Interest in Your Blog.

You can generate awareness for your blog that will eventually lead to more natural traffic through marketing efforts. As we mentioned in the point above, if you have desired information and content that is being sought after by a group of specific people, that will result in natural traffic from those people, but what about all of the others who aren’t actively looking for that interview that you posted on you blog? What about all of the other fantastic content pieces that you have online that is genuinely useful to so many people?

The answer is that you need to get the word out about your blog. You can have all of the best content available that is original and relevant and heavily fought after, but if no one knows that your website exists, then your natural traffic can only get your ranking so high.

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Using traditional marketing approaches, like advertisement placements on other similar websites and social media accounts can help give you the exposure that your blog and website needs to become established in the minds of your soon-to-be blog subscribers. Past those suggestions, any other creative marketing approaches to spreading awareness of your blog can go a long way to pushing your blog up the ladder to becoming on par with the rankings of other big brands.

Have a Simple and Easy to Navigate Blog Layout.

This one is not as technical as the other points that we described, but it is one that you should consider if you are chasing after the goal of having your blog be ranked like a big brand online –make sure your blog is as user friendly as possible.

Many blogs and websites aim to make their webpages as sleek and technical as possible, but in the race to make theirs as cutting edge as possible, their websites become difficult to use. Make sure that your blog and website is easily readable, easily accessible, and also easily searchable for everyone. If you are having your website be designed with the newest in web design technology, then be sure to have someone with advanced SEO certification work on your website, as the way web pages are most searchable has changed over the recent years, with page heading no longer being the top way to be searchable any more through search engines. Past that, be sure to have your blog and website be mobile friendly as well.

All of these tips and points combined will help push your website to compete with the biggest brands out there, but know this – it takes time and an unrelenting effort. If you continue to keep your website up to date and relevant for your users, visitors and subscribers, then in time you will see your blog and website become top ranked up there with the big brands.

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  • Thanks for this write up, Blog Herald team.
    I can certainly agree that blocking out the ‘noise’ is becoming increasingly difficult. Not to mention, plugins like Yoast, referenced on Mike’s blog “Top Five WordPress SEO Tips”, make the SEO process so much easier for anything with a registered domain.
    Working with a range of clients operating at capacity, generating the content becomes the greatest challenge alongside all of the other important business and marketing related tasks.
    Whether I am writing the content, or my client is, I always point them in the direction of ’10x content’. There’s data that strongly supports the practise of 10x content, so not matter who the author is, the writer is ensuring that their time is focused on generating content that will get their blog ranking in an overcrowded online space.
    There’s not doubt that good content takes time to purpose, but the payoff is worthwhile when quality is being delivered. For one, you can generate backlinks without the need for investing hours and hours into outreach.
    Thanks again, and all the best.

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