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How to Improve Bad Blog Posts

How to Improve Bad Blog Posts

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While every professional is entitled to their own opinion, some blog posts are just plain bad. They don’t perform well, they don’t attract visitors to your site, and they may be actively hurting your reputation. Most businesses or indie bloggers that have been blogging for a while will have at least one post that isn’t living up to its potential. The good news is that blogs are not static pages. Professionals can change, rearrange, alter, edit, and delete blog posts with the click of a button. Here, we’ll provide detailed instructions for improving bad blog posts and provide advice for those looking to improve their content production: 

Identify the Problem

As with any reclamation project, the first step is to define the problem. It might seem obvious to simply pick out the blogs with the lowest engagement metrics on your site and work on them first. And while that may be a good place to start, a blog with high engagement can still cause a company a lot of trouble if it’s not contributing in a positive way. (I.E. if it contains offensive, inaccurate, or plagiarized content.) So prioritize which blogs need the most immediate attention. 


One of the worst things a copywriter can do is make an egregious factual error in a blog post. If, for instance, a writer claims that a product is lightweight and easy to carry, but it is in fact, quite cumbersome and weighs several hundred pounds, consumers are going to be confused (at best) or irritated by these falsehoods. Fact check all of your blogs to make sure they align with the true nature of your products or services. 

Change the Focus

Most companies market their product or service to several different buyer personas. As such, it makes sense to tailor specific blog posts to specific types of consumers. However, it’s possible that a blog post written for one kind of customer is actually more applicable to a different group. If one of your blogs is struggling to gain traction, consider changing its focus and remarketing it to a different kind of customer. What may not resonate with one group, it could be a smash hit with another. 

Get Creative

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There are tons of ways to make a blog more interesting, from editing out long, dense sentences to adding new images, graphs, or videos. Whether your business blog focuses on sophisticated lab equipment like culture dishes or something as common as office supplies, blog design can have a massive influence on how customers perceive a post.

Delete It

Some blogs are simply more trouble than they’re worth. If a blog is actively hurting your company’s reputation, then get rid of it. Removing one blog isn’t likely to affect your SEO efforts or make your operation look unprofessional. 

First published in 2019; updated December 2021

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