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How To Improve Your Blog Design In 2019

How To Improve Your Blog Design In 2019

Blogs are one of the best modern inventions, being loaded with people experience, memories, pics and everything you are looking for. On any given subject you can find a great blog. Following a blog, you can learn pottery, poetry, find out about what to visit in a specific country or place and so on. Blogs are making the internet cool.

Blog owners are focused on creating unique and very interesting content which is highly important for their audience but what they don’t do very well is that they don’t pay attention to the blog design. I love pretty blogs and you too. Looks do matter even if many people will not admit it. A bad design will get you tired and at one point will make you find another blog to read. It happened to me and for sure for you also.

How to Improve your blog design

Every blog has its own “central system” (colors, fonts, spacing) that can go wrong and every blog owner should pay tons of attention to it. This is what is making your blog look clean and nice.  For some of the following things it may involve hiring a blog designer, but some can be easily fixed with the right solutions.  You can have the best content in the world, but if your font is illegible, it doesn’t matter.  Here are the top fixes most blogs need:

  1. Identify a gorgeous font from the internet and use it on your blog. A better font can dramatically improve your overall blog design.
  2. Make your font darker.
  3. Make your body text left-oriented (or justified).  Center-orientation is the worst.
  4. Space your widgets evenly to have an easy-to-read sidebar.
  5. Remove any extra spacing after your header.
  6. Change up the font and format of your post titles.
  7. Change up the format of your headers (inside your posts).
  8. Make the body of your blog wider.
  9. Have only one menu – and maybe make it only one level.  (Don’t have ANY menu links that are duds.  Be intentional with your menu.)
  10. Change up your fonts to make them appealing.
  11. Remove the meta text that says “Ginny posted this 4:00 am”.
  12. Does your background show seams when the pattern repeats?  Dislike.  Find a seamless pattern.
  13. ADD WHITE SPACE.  If your body background is a dark color, your reader’s eyes will get tired and move to another blog.
  14. Simplify to only 2-3 colors on your blog.
  15. Change your comment system.  Either customize the colors and fonts for the system or download a dedicated plugin.
  16. Consolidate your categories and tags!  Use the Term Management Tools plugin to merge all your current categories into just a few large categories.  (I love this plugin!)
  17. Add an opt-in bar for a blog newsletter.
  18. Do you like patterns?  Choose ONE.  Too many patterns = scary.
  19. Make sure your images don’t extend over into your sidebar – ask your designer to set the width of your images.

Many of these tips can be applied for free and even without having any special knowledge. One such example is identifying a better font for your blog and installing it. Using a service which was launched in 2010 by technical guys and which is loaded with over 450k free and commercial fonts, named What Font Is, anybody can identify for free the name of the font and get the download source from a picture that upload. It’s super simple to use, being the best font identifier on the market, with over 20,000 invested hours of hard work.

There are 3 easy steps to identify the font that will change dramatically your blog design for 2019. The font can be found anywhere, you just have to take a picture and upload it to What Font Is. Or write down the URL. Right after you have to verify if the characters viewed by WhatFontis match the characters of your uploaded image. In less than 40 seconds you will find out if the font you are looking for is free or you have to pay for, and from where you can get it. If the font was not 100% identified, you will get 100 alternatives, so one way or another, you will get the font you are looking for.

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This font finder works also as a browser extension and it is having a premium upgrade that you can make to get even better things (unlimited number of fonts identification, zero ads, Auto character recognition system and much more).

Improving your blog design is 100% mandatory in 2019, when the competition is at its peak. Follow these tips and check in 1 month the results. You will be amazed to find out that you have more readers or that they spend more time on your blog.

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