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How to Write Compelling Blog Content for Boring Niches

How to Write Compelling Blog Content for Boring Niches

How to Write Compelling Blog Content for Boring Niches

Let’s get one thing straight: there are no “boring” niches.

Some people are passionate about something that others will find annoying and vice versa. It does not necessarily make a niche boring by default.

However, some niches are much more appealing than others to the public. For example, topics related to popular culture (movies, celebrities, lifestyle) will draw more attention compared to, let’s say, air conditioners or, god forbid, scissors.

Since the former is a very dynamic industry with lots of updates taking place within the day, not to mention popular culture being ingrained in our subconsciousness, there is a lot of information to cover regarding this niche. The latter, on the other hand, is pretty cut and dry – there is only so much you can discuss digital load cell, airconditioners, scissors, builder, and similar product niches.

While there is nothing much you can do to change the fact about your niche, what you need to worry about are the things you can control, one of them being your blog content.

If you feel that you are blogging for a “boring” niche, then you need to learn how to make your content interested enough not only for your target audience but also to the public.

Be genuinely interested in the topic

If you’re working for a client’s blog but do not find the topic to be interesting, then you should drop the job and look for something else that compels you. Should you continue writing on that blog without aplomb or a genuine sense of curiosity, then you will have failed that blog.

“You cannot fake honest,” according to a representative at Business Insurance USA, who uses their blog to engage with their audience and provide them with ample information about business insurance. “You need to not only be knowledgeable about the topic you’re writing about but also have a sense of wonder when talking about it.”

It’s difficult to write about something that you’re not fully invested in, which is why you should go all in when writing for the topic. You need to immerse yourself about the niche and its inner workings to spark your inspiration and creativity to write in-depth content about the topic.

Learn how to brainstorm for article topics

The trick to great content is answering the right questions. If you are not well-versed about the blog topic, then you can head on to Quora and search for questions about your topic.


The results for your topic should give you ideas on what to write. Also, some of the questions already have answers so you can only compile all of them into your blog post, making it easier for you to generate content for your blog.

You may want to consider using blog title generators as well. After entering the keyword topic, the tools will automatically generate random titles that you can either use on your blog or serve as an inspiration to come up with better titles.

portent blog title generator

Among the best ones is Portent’s Content Idea Generator. It comes up with ridiculous titles at times, but it does provide you a unique angle that you can approach your blog content and make it more relatable to your audience and non-audience.

tweak your biz blog title generator

Another great blog title generator is Tweak Your Biz Title Generator. It provides the most comprehensive titles that you can use on your blog.

Using Quora and blog title generator should give you a starting point on which topic you should write on your blog.

Use visual content

Something words are not sufficient enough to communicate your message on your blog. Especially in an uninteresting niche, you need to find different ways to keep your readers on your toes.

One of these ways is to feature images and videos on your blog posts about your topic. There are lots of reasons that should convince you to apply a visual blogging content strategy, and it’s best that you start now on your niche.

Youtube is the obvious place where you can find videos to embed on your blog post.


You need to browse through the results to find the best content to use on your blog, if not draw brand new content ideas from them. In the boxed example above, you can write a topic about sharpening scissors and use the video to show it in person to your readers.

For images, go to Pinterest and type the keyword topic on the search bar. Depending on the topic, you may find infographics that you can feature on your blog content or product images which you can most likely feature on a roundup blog post.

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If you want to further stand out, create an infographic from scratch. Even if you’re a designer, tools like Venngage makes it extremely easy for you to create beautiful visual content to complement your post.

“Using images and videos on your blog content is a great way to keep your readers interested,” says JD Weisbrot, President of JW Surety Bonds. “Since visuals are much easier to digest compared to other forms of content, people will absorb the information much better and make your boring niche much more accessible to your non-readers.”

Be a curator

As a blogger, you must understand that you don’t need to keep publishing unique content that’s written from the ground up. If you are wracking your brain for content ideas in your niche, then you can simply compile the best posts in your industry into a single post and add your commentary to it.

By curating content in your niche, you get to feature existing posts and add your spin to each so you can publish it on your blog as unique content. This is much easier compared to developing content from the ground up!

One of the best tools to use for this purpose is Buzzsumo. Enter the topic and see the results from the highest social shares to the lowest.

buzzsumo social shares

You can also view content from your topic based on their Trending Score. The higher the score, the most likely that they’ll get pick up more shares and traffic. Featuring content with high Trending Scores allows you to build yourself up an influencer in your niche.

buzzsumo trending

Leveraging both features on Buzzsumo will give you an opportunity to share your insights in your industry by efficiently building content from existing ones.

“Leveraging existing content to ramp up your blog is a smart way to gain the attention of your target audience,” says a representative from Bordas and Bordas Attorneys, who uses their blog in a casual way to connect with their desired market. “It is best to handpick the best and most popular content to discuss on your blog so you can piggyback on its popularity and increase your chances of getting found online.”

Wrapping it up

One of the many responsibilities of a blogger is to make the topic interesting enough for your target audience to read your blog and share it on social media. Instead, you need to make your content not boring. By following some of the tips featured here, you can develop and publish content that your intended readers will love, and non-readers will find interesting.

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