Stop Leaks in Your Blog Fast! 5 Ways to Keep Your Blog Visitors from Leaving


A pipe burst is one of the most common household problem. However, that does not make it less annoying since the meter is still running when clean water is leaking from your pipe, on top of hiring licensed plumbers to fix the burst and a contractor for the damaged walls and ceiling.

The same can be said of low blog traffic despite having built up great content and shared it on social media. With this problem, you need to troubleshoot your traffic issues like a plumber would.

Below are five ways on how you can determine the source of the traffic problem in your blog to stop leaks fast!

Appeal to your target audience

One of the main causes of pipe leaks are corrosion forming from the pipes which leads to the brown water. This is due to the chemical makeup and velocity of the water passing through the pipe, which hastens the formation of corrosion.

In blogger’s terms, you need to attract the right types of visitors to your blog.

There may be a feeling that you need to cater for anyone and everyone. However, that’s not how blogging works. You need to determine the type of audience you want visiting and reading your blog and develop the kind of content that they’ll find interesting to read up and share on social media.

Use the right tools

Another cause for pipe leaks are the metals used in the piping system that are more prone to galvanic corrosion, regardless of whether the piping system is brand new.

What this means for bloggers is that they should use the appropriate plugins and add-ons to drive more visitors.

Are you using ad platforms that interrupt the user experience on your blog? How about setting up sign-up forms that pop up every minute while you’re in the site? If you observed higher bounce rates and less visitors upon using such tools, maybe it’s time to rethink your approach with your blog. Unclog the flow of traffic leading to your blog by cutting down on the amount of tools used to their bare essentials( for WordPress and non-WordPress users). This also helps lead your blog faster.

Revamp your blog

Pipe leaks are common at old and deteriorating homes. If you have redesigned your blog for a years now, then it’s probably time to make an effort to observe the current and best web design practices to improve user experience and offer visitors a fresh take to your tried-and-tested blog.

If you have no design experience, then you will be forced to hire a designer to make your website better.

At the same time, you don’t need a flashy website to get the job done. Since the goal is turning traffic into customers, all you need are the right elements and layout.

Andy from QuickPick Locksmiths has reported good conversion rate from their site. All they did is feature social proof and they are generate steady leads for their business.

It goes to show that substance matters more than anything else.

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Prepare for high traffic


If the water pressure from your pipes is not regulated, there’s a great chance that the pipes will break or crack, which causes water leakages.

Bloggers will relate better to this phenomenon if they have experienced high amounts of traffic over a short period of time and their hosting was unable to accommodate the amount of visitors passing through their servers. As a result, the blog is down and cannot be accessed by users on their browsers.

To safeguard your blog from possible breakage due to high traffic, you will need to use a content delivery network (CDN) provider that will be responsible in sending out your site content to users without affecting your blog performance.

Maintain a consistent voice

While people need access to hot and cold water in their homes, the changes in temperature affect the size of the pipes over time, especially when used constantly. The same thing happens to blogs that play around with different tones of voice in their posts. Due to inconsistent use of a single tone that fits your blog, the use of multiple voices may alienate your audience, which leads to loss of traffic.

Question: What are other tips on how you can keep your blog visitors from leaving not mentioned above? Share your thoughts by commenting below!

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