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5 Logo Design Tips for Bloggers Who Suck at Design

5 Logo Design Tips for Bloggers Who Suck at Design

Your logo is a huge part and is the mark of your brand – literally. It’s as important as the name of your blog and the niche you planned to cover. Plus, it adds an impact on how your target market perceives you.

Although, some new bloggers who have just started building a blog may have a little budget at first this doesn’t mean that their logo cannot be great. We’ve listed some of the basics that you need to consider to figure out the perfect logo for your blog.

1. Develop and understand what your brand is about

We know that logo is a big part of any businesses. Think about brands like Nike, Coca-Cola, and Apple and how they’ve established the logos they made for their brand.

As a blogger, you also have to create your very own. Your logo serves as your brand identity that’s why before you start creating one, you need to think through on how it will look like.

You need to develop what your brand would be about. Are you going to talk about health and beauty? Or you are you talking about the trending news? Either way, make sure your logo is relevant to the topics you plan to create.

Keep in mind that you need a deep understanding of your blog before you proceed.

2. Do some research

research - logo design tips for bloggers

To design a creative logo for your brand, you need to dig more on the latest trends and the do’s and don’ts on the web.

Get ideas and be inspired by different kinds of businesses (even from your competitors) and try to create your own that would fit your personal and blog’s style.

Good news: you are reading this now, so you are definitely on the right track.

3. Think about the bigger picture

There are too many things that come to mind when we start to visualize how our logo will look like. To help you with that, here are some questions to ask yourself before creating and deciding on what logo to use for your blog:

  • Does your logo reflect your blog’s content?
  • Will your logo be relevant as time goes by?
  • Does it convey the message you want to give to your audience?
  • How do you want your audience to feel when they see your logo?
  • Is your logo flexible enough to be used in a variety of ways such as printing or digital?

Asking yourself these questions before creating your logo could save you a lot of time, money, and effort. Remember to think about the bigger picture before deciding on what to use to represent your blog.

4. Understand Color Psychology

So you have a favorite color, and you want to use it for your blog. Hold up there and don’t make rash decisions yet. While we get to decide things about our blog, some things need to be researched first.

The effects of colors on people are far-reaching. For example, the color orange may stimulate the feeling of warmth and energy, while green is associated with health and nature.

To start you off, here’s a great resource where you can get more information about what different colors are for especially in logo making.

5. Keep it simple

There is no need for complex, and over design logo. In fact, a simple logo has a higher chance to be remembered by your audience than complicated ones. There are a variety of ways you could do to make it simple yet unique such as:

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  • Using one to two colors ONLY; three colors could be too much and overwhelming,
  • Making sure that it would look good and readable in all sizes,
  • Using 2D designs; or,
  • Trying to avoid difficult texts to read like shadow, gradient, bevel, or emboss techniques.

Just remember that your logo is relevant and would instantly stay on top of your audience’s minds.

There is no need for complex, and over design logo


Conceptualizing different designs for your blog is fun. But it can also be tiring. Sometimes, you’ll be out of creative juices, and that’s alright. Remember that hiring a professional can also be an option and you shouldn’t feel bad if you are considering it.

Don’t feel bad about needing help, in fact; this can save you more time especially if this is something you don’t want to focus on. Just make sure to convey every little thing you want that someone you picked to execute your idea. They’ll know what you want, for sure.

Hope this guide helps and good luck in making that perfect mark for your brand!

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