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Partnering With Non-Profits Is a Great Way to Promote Your Blog

Partnering With Non-Profits Is a Great Way to Promote Your Blog

Teaming up with a non-profit organization is a good choice if you want to grow your blog and business. As such, non-profit collaborations are currently on the rise. Want to find out how partnering your blogging efforts with a non-profit can help your blog grow and prosper? Read on!

Increase in Audience Size

One of the top reasons to collaborate with non-profits is the quality traffic it can send to your blog. Just as guest posting is a powerful tool, many of the same plus points are present when you partner with a charity organization. Whether you guest blog for the non-profit site, or you feature their organization on your blog, doing so reaches out to a dedicated audience. And this could be your gateway to a whole new realm you have not reached before.

Blogger reports show that random visitors from StumbleUpon stick around and browse for an average of 1 second. Compare that to the near 4 minutes spent on targeted content. It is worth noting that the posts should provide value to readers on your site as well as the non-profit site. If your blog is about alternative health, partnering with something unrelated to your business like a cyberbullying awareness non-profit might not be the best choice.

This provides little value to your readership and may potentially alienate them. Instead pick something that closely aligns to your business goals, in this case like a healthy eating kid’s initiative.

More Content for Your Blog

Allowing a guest blogger from a non-profit to post on your blog helps create new content for you. Say you aim to post something new at least four times a month. A guest post, or a featured article on that non-profit, will take care of a whopping 25 percent of your work. Keep up with your regular blogging and that’s extra content that will draw people in.

And since non-profit organizations often have major projects going on each month. You can also tap into this wealth of content. Get in there and host a giveaway. Join that fun run!

Enhance Your Blog’s Reputation by Association

Positive association with non-profits is a good thing. It drives credibility for your blog and website. A blogger who has been published on a well-known site will be seen as credible and their work as worthwhile. The same goes for having your work published on a non-profit website or sharing photos of your recent collaboration. You become cool by association.

Writing a guest post also increases your authority. It tells readers that you are worthy of writing for others. If someone looks you up and finds you have blogged for a specific non-profit, they will assume you know what you are talking about. They’ll conclude that you are an authority on the subject.

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Benefit From Extra Social Media Attention

Like their close for-profit relatives, non-profits understand the benefits of using social media. If you are guest blogging for a non-profit, many allow the guest blogger to add social media links to their posts. These are typically located at the end of the post or in the author bio. These links make connecting with you a snap, increasing your exposure. An increase in exposure often results in an increase in followers. An increase in followers generally results in an increase in content share and on it goes. Nothing succeeds like success.

Once you are an accomplished blogger, non-profits may begin to reach out to you. Whether they want to be featured on your blog or provide their readers with your take on a topic, follow those leads. You never know where your blog or content will take you. Get ready to be surprised.

Increased Bragging Rights

Have you ever wanted to work for a non-profit, but didn’t want to quit your day job? By partnering with a nonprofit, you can now do both. If you ever wanted bragging rights for anything, there is not much that beats working with a non-profit that you believe in.

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