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5 Reliable Plugins for Monitoring Your WordPress Site

5 Reliable Plugins for Monitoring Your WordPress Site

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For as long as we can remember, WordPress has been the dominating content management system for website owners. It is complete with everything you need to build any website you desire; be it a blog, an ecommerce store, an affiliate site, and so on. Not only is it easy to implement and use, it also supports tons of plugins which you can use to provide additional functionality to your site.

It is so easy to use that even those without technical knowledge or web design experience can concoct professional-looking sites in a relatively short amount of time.

However, setting up your WordPress website is not a one-time activity. In addition to constantly updating your content, you should also check the integrity of your site’s database, security, and uptime.

To help you with site maintenance tasks, here are the top 5 powerful plugins you can count on.


plugin monitor wordpress

SensorPress is a new site-monitoring plugin for WordPress. However, its key feature is the real-time checking of your website’s uptime, which is an extremely crucial issue for long-term site maintenance. Remember that uptime is a measure of when your site is online and accessible to your audience. Due to various reasons, your website may go offline, resulting in downtimes.

Why you should worry about downtimes?

Let’s have a look at the guarantees that web hosts make when introducing their hosting plans. Most of them will guarantee an uptime of 99% according to Hosting Facts. Sounds good? Think again. In a year, this means your site will be down for at least 3 days.

If you’re running an online store or affiliate site, that’s 3 days of lost income!

Additionally, remember that downtimes are sometimes caused by an error in your site’s code, which can sometimes only be fixed through your hosting account. Keep in mind that prolonged downtimes may damage your site’s ranking in search engines. This is because web crawlers like Googlebot regularly checks indexed pages for updates. But if your site is nowhere to be found, it will reflect badly in your rankings.

With SensorPress, you will be notified immediately whenever your site goes down. This means you can immediately take action to bring your site back up, thus significantly reducing overall downtimes.

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plugin monitor wordpress

Another issue for site maintenance is your protection for known security threats; the most common being fake web crawlers who steal content and post spam comments. You may also be familiar with Trojans, hackers, and backdoors that can damage the integrity of your site and result in data loss or prolonged downtimes. But did you know that there are over 44,000 types of malware that can infect your site?

WordFence is currently the most popular security plugin for WordPress due to its easy integration, open source development, and the very low price of free.


plugin monitor wordpress

Having a secure backup of your WordPress data is imperative for long-term maintenance. First of all, remember that WordPress itself occasionally rolls out updates to improve the platform. With each update, there is a risk that a certain bit of code or plugin will no longer work. Even the slightest discrepancy with compatibility can cause site-wide problems.

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In addition to this, don’t forget that there are also security threats that may cause data loss and coding problems that may lead to site failure. BackupBuddy can give you the peace of mind when it comes to backing up your precious data, including resources like theme files, plugins, photos, and so on. It is fast, reliable, and very easy to use. Furthermore, you have the option to schedule regular backups to keep your site data safe.

There’s really no telling when you will need to create a backup for your site. A hacker may choose to attack tomorrow or you may delete an important PHP file by accident later. For big businesses with huge data, creating a daily backup is recommended.


Over time, you may accumulate all sorts of ‘junk’ information you’re too lazy to delete yourself. This data includes unapproved comments, spam, auto-saved drafts, orphaned posts, revisions, and so on.

WP-Sweep is a free clean-up tool that can easily and quickly delete junk from your website to save space and maintain the integrity of your database. Not only will this improve the performance and speed of your site, it will also make the dashboard a lot easier on the eye for your site admins.


plugin monitor wordpress

Last but definitely not least is WP-Optimize – another free tool that can preserve and optimize your WordPress website. The main difference between WP-Sweep and WP-Optimize is that the latter can disable certain functions such as trackbacks, and comments which may result in junk data. It can also clean up auto draft posts, transient options, and post trash.

For a free plugin, it does a lot of optimization processes to preserve server space and, ultimately, speed up your website. It will also display how much space you can optimize and clean so you know exactly what the plugin does for you.

Maintaining a WordPress website can be a lot of work, but if you have plugins like the ones listed above, all of your maintenance tasks can be completed within several minutes without breaking a sweat. Good luck.

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