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The Importance of Video Production in Your Marketing Strategy

The Importance of Video Production in Your Marketing Strategy

Marketing your blog is no different than marketing any product or service. All the usual marketing strategies apply. However, to capture attention and influence purchases, you need to use video.

For most people, visual perception is their dominant sense. You’ve probably tapped into this by using a beautiful layout with high-quality graphics and stunning typography. However, still images aren’t enough – you need to use video.

Video marketing drives success

There’s no doubt that video marketing drives success in just about every industry. The most popular types of videos include product demonstrations/unboxing, explainer/how-to videos, and testimonials. 

Consumers want to see a product in action to get a better feel for how it works. Video provides an immediate understanding that plain text – even with images – can’t convey.

Outside of PPC ads, social sharing is the foundation of video marketing success. Video content gets shared more frequently than plain text articles. If you want your blog to get shared more often, you need to produce video content.

Professional video production is required for optimal success

While you can find free and cheap websites to automate most of your video production, the videos that get the most shares are often the best produced.

Be prepared to invest in professional video production services to generate the success you deserve. Ideally, you should work with a local company. For instance, professionals in Dubai work with Chain Reaction for corporate video production services.

Consumers want to see your video content

Unlike some marketing strategies that seem to annoy people, video marketing is different. Consumers actually want to see video content from their favorite brands and icons.

According to statistics published by Influencer Marketing Hub, 54% of consumers want marketers to produce more video content.

Some of your blog readers will stick around if all you post are text-based articles. However, you’ll capture a higher level of interest when you start creating video content. Many successful people maintain text-only blogs, but they generally earn their success outside of their blog.

If you’re relying on your blog to drive your success, you need video content. That video content should aim to inform, educate, or entertain your visitors. When you capture their attention with value, they’ll come back for more. 

However, not all video content is equal. There is a difference between producing video content and video advertisements.

Consumers want to see video content, not advertisements

Statistics from CNBC show that 65% of viewers skip video ads online. If people want video content, why would so many people skip video ads?

At first, this seems like a contradiction. However, it’s all about context. When a viewer is watching a movie, a television program, or news segment, they don’t want to be interrupted by ads. However, it’s different when your video is the consumable content.

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Being interrupted by ads produces an instinctual response to skip the ad. On the other hand, when your visitors browse around on your website and find videos to watch, you’ll get their full attention (at least for the first few seconds). If you can capture attention from the start, your visitors are more likely to finish watching your video.

Videos don’t need to be fully watched to influence sales

You’ll find plenty of statistics that show a large number of people don’t finish watching videos. It doesn’t matter if your visitors watch all of your videos from start to finish. If your content makes an impression on them, you’ve done well.

Sometimes people don’t need to watch an entire product demonstration video to know if a product is right for them. Many people watch until their questions are answered and then they bounce or they buy the product.

You can definitely work to increase your watch times and get people to stick around longer. However, once you exhaust those strategies, you can’t worry about it too much. If you can’t increase watch times, it could be that your industry doesn’t lend itself to customers watching long videos.

Don’t discount video ads completely

Although it’s ideal to produce high-quality video content your visitors can intentionally enjoy, don’t give up on video ads. Plenty of bloggers use video ads to promote their blogs, partnerships, and products across the internet.

Video advertising does work, you just have to be prepared to bid on the right keywords and target the correct audience. Ideally, your video marketing strategy should include some video advertising and a regular regiment for producing high-quality, irresistible, video content.

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