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Top Reasons Why Your Blog Sucks at Making Money (and How to Fix It!)

Top Reasons Why Your Blog Sucks at Making Money (and How to Fix It!)

Though digital marketing is a compendium of multiple facets, blogging has been the driving force for every digital marketer to earn the much-needed edge over competitors.

According to Internet Live Stats, more than two billion blog posts were written in 2018 and almost three million blogs have been posted till date.

With blogging gaining increasing importance in the present day milieu, have you ever assessed your blogging strategy? 

A successful blogger needs to have a good hold on trending topics, befriend social media, and most importantly write consistently to attract the right kind of readers. When your blogging space begins to demonstrate relevancy, uniqueness, and quality it automatically begins to reap maximum returns.

At the same time, it is also necessary to observe bloggers who have failed to deliver results. This evaluation will help you learn about techniques which have not worked out in the past. You can as well be cautious to skip them in your blogging planner. 

So check out few such reasons for blogs to underperform…

When Blogging Becomes an Alternative

You cannot underrate blogging as just another medium to promote your services. Blogging demands for a highly channelized and dedicated approach to achieve productive results.

According to HubSpot, companies publishing more than 16 posts per month obtained a 3.5x increased traffic when compared to companies churning out just 0-4 monthly posts.

(Monthly Blog Traffic)

Also, companies that blog 16+ times a month obtain 4.5 times more of potential inbound leads.

(Monthly Blog Leads)

It is evident from these stats that you will need to work intuitively each day to showcase informative and quality content. Keep assessing and fine-tuning your blogging strategy for a strong head-start. Travel every extra mile on a consistent basis and fetch beneficial returns in the long term.

When You Overlook Your Target Audience

The essence of blogging boils down to reaching readers hunting for information. This is for two primary reasons. One is to get information about a topic, which is the learning intent. The second is for commercial purposes, which is the buying intent.

  • Learning Intent:

Here, the audience searches for information using specific keywords. He intends to learn more about a particular topic probably for a commercial purpose.

  • Buying Intent:

The keyword used by the visitor is a commercial one which is why he can be potentially converted by providing relevant information.

As a blogger you can effectively utilize both these intent to promote your brand. You will need to understand the demands of your customer base, their concerns and ways to solve their problems through appropriate research. 

You can use keyword research tools, analyze industry forums and trends on networking websites. Participating in discussions over social media platforms may also enrich your cognizance of the target audience.

When Your Niche Selection Is Improper

Being one amongst the many can leave you feeling lost in the crowd. An uncovered niche selection, however, will put you in the limelight. You can easily attract traffic by posting unique content about untouched topics which are on demand. This nuance can skyrocket the rate of traffic to the blogging space along with making all your cash registers ring.

How Do You Select an Appropriate Niche for Blogging?

The perfect blend of market research and marketing as well as analytic tools can help you zero in on the best-suited area for blogging. You will also need to consider your area of interest, expertise and knowledge to effectively pen down thoughts and win the hearts of your readers. 

When Your Content Does Not Exude Creativity

A successful blogger has an eye for detailing and can make readers empathize with emotions through words. A flare of creativity is, hence, pivotal to keep the interest of readers up and going. 

Considering an example of Bluestone will be ideal in this context. It dovetails a perfect blend of the right choice of words and visually appealing content. Undoubtedly, captivating at first sight!

Creating engaging content is so important that 72% of B2B content creators have emphasized it as one of the top priorities. This is because an engaging piece of content receives the much needed measurable response from the audience in an impactful manner.

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beauty niche

(B2B Content Priorities)

Creativity, tends to improve with practice. As a blogger, you should be able to see as to how you have progressed on this path by doing a comparative analysis of your archived and recent write-ups. Continuous research and staying hooked to a writing spree will undoubtedly add great value to your creative writing and mold you into an impactful blogger.

When Your Content Does Not Stand Out 

Nicholas Lovell’s book ‘The Curve’ elaborates on the mind-set of customers. He rightly differentiates between the few who will pay nothing for your products and services and others who will be ready to pay anything to get them.

If you want to make an impact on your customers, it is important that you don’t get lost in the noise. To focus on the latter group of customers, creating outstanding content is cardinal. 

  • You can create your unique way of writing and impress your readers
  • You can saturate your readers with the latest, relevant, interesting statistics and data
  • You can present appealing graphics and illustrations within your content
  • You can try out different ways of structuring your content to make it easy to consume
  • You can showcase a well-researched piece of content from an interesting perspective. 
  • You can answer trending questions. This way your content will leave a meaningful impact on the audience.

Regardless of the technique you adopt, the key is to keep engaging your audience and having them coming back for more.


The benefits of a successful blogging space could be huge. Creating content which consistently drives engagement is the challenge. 

A deep understanding of the niche and pulse of your target audience will help you in building your blogging presence over time.

However, the key is to keep focusing on the shifting trends amongst your readers, find productive workarounds over possible hiccups and remain patiently consistent to obtain recurring results in the long run!

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This post was written by Vivek, Local SEO Marketing Consultant at E2M, one of the fastest growing digital marketing agencies in India. We are committed to meeting the highest ethical standards of digital marketing services to drive strategic and sustainable business growth.

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