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How to Travel and Blog Without Missing a Beat

How to Travel and Blog Without Missing a Beat

As a professional blogger, you have a dream setup that most other professionals would take a significant pay cut in order to enjoy. So, if you’re simply blogging from your bedroom on a week-in and week-out basis, you should probably question what you’re really doing with your time. You have the ability to work from anywhere in the world – so do it!

Five Productivity Tips for Remote Blogging

The key to traveling while blogging (not to be confused with travel blogging) is to have a good time without letting distractions hold you back. You need to find a way to keep output high, while also enjoying the scenery and being immersed in unique experiences. With that in mind, here are some tips that can help you thrive:

Choose the Right Accommodation

The most important decision you have to make (after choosing the destination) is where you’ll stay. Since the plan is to get some work done, you need to stay in a place where you’re able to get some peace and quiet for a few hours each day.

Let’s say, for example, that you’re traveling to London. In a big city like London, you have plenty of options. You can stay at a hotel, look for hostels, or even rent through a service like Airbnb. Ideally, though, you probably want to avoid hostels and shared Airbnb rentals. You really need your own space where you can work without any distractions. Spending a little bit extra in this area will make your entire trip much better.

Get Work Done on the Plane

A 12-hour flight across the Atlantic isn’t an excuse to binge watch movies and take naps. Use this “down time” to get some work done. Use the in-flight WiFi to get some writing done, schedule posts, or create a plan for the next few days. Once you arrive, the first few hours are going to be a blur and having this head start will make you feel much more confident.

Get Up Early to Work

It doesn’t matter if you’re normally a morning person or not, the best thing you can do while traveling is wake up early and get to work. By waking up a couple hours earlier than you normally would and being productive, you can free yourself up to enjoy more of the daylight hours. Many bloggers prefer to wake up early and work until lunchtime. Then they can enjoy the rest of the afternoon and evening. You’re obviously free to choose your own schedule, but this seems to work best if you want to maximize your experience as a tourist.

Use the Right Tools

Having a successful and enjoyable experience requires you to use the right tools. Thankfully, there are a number of good apps that can be downloaded to your smartphone before leaving. They help you track your itinerary, make notes about where you’ve been, and record information that you want to use later.

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Stick to a Routine

While every place you travel to is different – and your schedule will largely depend on a number of unique elements – it’s best to maintain some semblance of a routine, regardless of where you are. By sticking to a routine, you can ensure your quality of writing doesn’t wane and that your readers don’t feel neglected.

Make the Most of Your Job Flexibility

When it comes down to it, job flexibility is something almost every professional wants. The ability to work remotely, set your own hours, and travel should not be taken for granted. Instead of just lounging around in your pajamas and writing blog posts from your bed, leverage your situation and travel the world.

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  • “Get Up Early to Work”

    I like this tip. It’s important that you start your day with good vibes by getting up early with a smile and full of enthusiasm. In the past years, I used to be a super lazy man who wakes up late. Everytime I open my eyes, myself keeps on telling me that it’s okay to take a break and sleep for 5 minutes more. And then it happened, 5 minutes became an hour and so on… I realized that it’s always the same lie everyday and I need to do something about to accomplish my goals. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

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