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Ways to Grow Your Blog on a Limited Budget

Ways to Grow Your Blog on a Limited Budget

Sometimes marketing to reach a new audience can feel impossible if your budget is limited. It’s not! There are plenty of ways to reach new readers, invest in advertising, and grow in your niche without laying out a lot of cash. Attracting and appealing to a larger audience is one of the most important things that you can do as blogger because those readers are what will help you increase your budget over time through sales and advertising.

Find Partners

If you partner with another website to cross-advertise your blog and their site, you’ll reach a new audience without having to pay for advertising. You can trade deals with several sites to expand your market. Just remember that too much advertising will put people off your blog. Keep it attractive and minimal.

It’s also important when choosing a partner to look for one that represents something your readers will enjoy. Not only will that ensure people on your partner site will be interested in your content, but it will help establish trust with your readers. People who think they’ll enjoy the link an advertisement takes them to are more likely to click on links in the future.

Guest Post

Not all advertising has to be direct advertising. Sometimes writing an intriguing post and adding it to a blog with similar themes and content can help capture the attention of potential new readers. It’s also usually free to guest post. There are actually sites set up where you can find a guest post location, but the best way to do it is to reach out, contact a blog with a proposal, and ask if you might be able to guest post.

Do the research before you reach out. Remember that sometimes people will post guidelines and you should follow them so that the person for whom you’re writing doesn’t reject your post. If you don’t see guidelines, you can just contact the blog owner and ask. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t aim for only extremely popular blogs because there will be a lot of competition. Just look for active blogs in your niche.

Respond to Comments

When people interact with your blog, they want to feel heard and like what they’re saying matters to you. Take notice of the comments people leave on your blog. Try to respond if you can. The best thing to do is to get organic discussion going between readers and to try to have them respond to each other with you also chiming in. That way, you’re developing a community that people want to interact in and return to. You should also consider responding to comments on other blogs in your list. That way your bio can link to your blog and people might find their way there. Keep it positive and upbeat, though. Anything you say might be associated with your site and you don’t want things to get controversial and reflect poorly on you.

Stay Active on Social Media

Your followers on social media are people who already love your blog. It’s important to cater to them and stay in touch with them. Make regular posts updating them on topics related to your blog. Make sure to check the comments. Comment regularly on related blogs. You can pay to get your posts to the top of the feed. The best thing to do, though, is to make posts that are good enough to be shared. That’s the best way to reach people your followers know who might be interested in your blog.

Advertise on Social Media

Social media marketing is great for a lot of reasons, but one is that it can actually be cheaper than traditional advertising. You can create advertisements to fit almost any budget. Start small and see where your investment can take you. On social media, you target age groups, what people are interested in, and where they live. Being able to narrow down who sees your ad will help you reach the right people with as little input as possible.

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Plan Your Expenses

It’s very important that you have a plan for how you’re going to spend your money. If you’ve taken a personal loan to cover your startup costs, for example, make sure that you can use it to cover everything from your blog design to initial advertising. Think at least a year in the future too because even excellently targeted advertising and guest posting can take awhile to pay off with profit. Keep in mind that some expenses like stock photos and advertising can be recurring and you might need to pay more than once. Always keep a nice buffer in your account to make sure you can cover any expenses that might arise, too.

Try a Mailing List

If you have something to offer as a freebie, consider making a mailing list. You can give people a free PDF or post or recipe or whatever it is you blog about for signing up. Then people will join your mailing list and you’ll be able to market directly to them. You can send out something weekly, monthly, or even quarterly to remind people to visit your blog. Mailing lists can be especially helpful if you have something you’re selling with your blog. They also give you valuable information about who is viewing your site and your posts.

You don’t have to have a lot of money to grow your blog. There are plenty of ways to reach people without going broke and that’s where you should start when it’s time to get find more people and extend your reach. Remember that the best thing you can do is keep your audience entertained and engaged because that’s what keeps them coming back to view your content again and again.

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  • Hello, I’ve tried all ways you mentioned above, especially staying and be active on Social media. But the thing I found it’s the most difficult to do is guest posting. You need to pay money for hiring a good copy writer to do for you. And the cost for a quality article with 1000 words minimum is at least $100. It’s not cheap. IMO

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