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3 Things To Do When Tumblr Resurrects Tumblr

3 Things To Do When Tumblr Resurrects Tumblr

As many of you are very aware of, Tumblr (the micro-blogging platform that put the fear of reblogging into Typepad, WordPress and LiveJournal) has been down for almost 20 hours.

The company has thus far suffered one of the worst outages in social blogging history, worse than most (if not all) of the fail whales that plagued Twitter back in the day.

While Tumblr will eventually resurrect the site back from the brink (as they have plenty of cash to hire extraordinarily engineers and purchase more servers), here are a five things users can do when Tumblr resurrects Tumblr.

Backup Thy Tumblr

While backing up your service is obvious to bloggers who self host their blogs (especially WordPress fans), backing up your Tumblr account is more of an after thought when it comes to the average user (or even a geek like yours truly).

Upon the first appearance of your Tumblr blog, users should immediately import all of their posts (including images, videos, media, etc.) via Tumblelog Backup Tool (hat tip: Digital Inspiration) upon their computer.

Users should also consider importing their posts within Posterous (which is Tumblr’s nemesis) as well as other services which will ensure that your content is safe elsewhere just in case Tumblr suffers another day long outage.

Note: If anyone knows of an automatic backup tool for Tumblr (similar to VaultPress, BackupBuddy or blogVault) feel free to let us know in the comment section below.

Auto Share From Elsewhere

While sharing bits of information is fun on Tumblr, users may want to consider using a third party service to tumble upon their behalf which would prevent them from having to constantly perform the previous step daily.

This way if Tumblr does go down for hours again, users can continue to post their daily musings about life and simply port those entries upon Tumblr once the site comes back up.

Tumblr fans should consider creating a Posterous account in order to autopost upon their Tumblr blogs (note: if you are not a geek you should seriously consider this option).

WordPress lovers (self hosted) should consider installing either Network Publisher or the Tumblrize plugin which will safely export your thoughts for all of your Tumblr followers to reblog, like and comment upon.

Use Facebook

Facebook LogoIt may not be the hipster thing to do (since everyone and their Grandma is using the service), but unlike Twitter the social giant known as Facebook allows you to share your ramblings in photo and video form, without requiring a third party service.

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Unfortunately Facebook’s reshare feature isn’t as intuitive (or advanced) as Tumblr’s, although utilizing it is better than doing nothing.

Although there are plenty of other social networks one could use in place of Facebook, truth be told Tumblr fans probably have more friends using Facebook than other rival services combined (with the exception of Twitter of course).

Should You Abandon Tumblr?

Whether you like it or not Tumblr is here to stay and like Twitter the platform can be used as an asset to compliment a professional blog or be used as one’s main blog (pending stability issues of course).

Aside from taking a deep breath (as many Tumblr users are freaking out right now on Twitter), you should at the earliest convienence try to backup your Tumblr account and secure your content as soon as possible.

Do you use Tumblr? If so, how are you surviving the outage, and (more importantly) what suggestions would you give to those addicted to the Tumblverse right now?

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