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Comscore Sees Record Visits for Facebook, Twitter; Google+ Still Not on the Map

Comscore Sees Record Visits for Facebook, Twitter; Google+ Still Not on the Map

More than two months after its creeping launch, Google+ still seems to be nowhere on Comscore’s map as a report on visits to social networking sites remained mum.

In July Comscore says that Facebook and Twitter drew in record numbers of visits in July.  Visits to Facebook was pegged at 162 million unique visitors, up by around 1.2 million from 160.8 million in June and some 15 million unique visits more compared to 157.2 in May.  Twitter’s number of unique visitors is also steadily climbing; in July it hit 32.8 million unique visitors in the U.S., an increase from June’s 30.6 million and May’s 27 million.

In July, Facebook came in at number 4 and Twitter was number 34. Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft sites still comprised the top three.

So far, the only statistic known so far about Google+ is that it has around 26 million registered users with hardly any indication of the range and amount of activity on the site.  So far, the only discernible activity on my Google+ dashboard are people adding other people in their circles, the sharing of links, and commenting on whatever has been put up.  No aggregate figure for its 26 million users have been displayed or put up.

After the initial rush of claiming cyberspace territory and the excitement of “un-boxing” the newest social networking site, much of the hype has died down and there’s hardly any new claim for catching up with either Facebook or Twitter on whatever terms.

As I’ve said before, it’s like opening a window into some white, barren landscape — the type you’d see in Alaska or Siberia.

But there seems to be hope, yet.

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Google+ now has a games page with lots of pretty interesting offers which will seem familiar to most gamers with some added features that seem to enhance the game playing experience.

Google+ games: Familiar

Thing is, there doesn’t seem to be much else going on around Google+ that would really make a difference in social networking and if it were some kind of Blue Ocean Strategy as claimed by some, we’re still basically looking at the boardwalk or beach.

I’m giving Google+ about four more months before figuring whether I should shut down my account or go completely inactive on this site.

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