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Controlling What You Can’t Control: Your Reputation Online

Controlling What You Can’t Control: Your Reputation Online

It used to be that you could draw a firm line between who you were and who you appeared to be to others. The internet changed all that. While it’s still possible to keep some things to yourself, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to appear to be anything but what you are. Social media, hacking, and miraculous leaps from simple web searches make us very accessible to others. If you live a “public” life on the internet, one in which you enjoy a certain amount of attention from others, you can be sure that people know a lot about you, or at least think they know a lot about you.

The say you never get a second chance to make a first impression. But when you are an internet personality, you may make thousands of first impressions a day, with an ever-growing audience base This is where a reputation management service, such as Repumatic, can be the difference between making and breaking your reputation online.

If your audience exceeds even a few hundred, you can be sure that you won’t have time to manage each one of these individuals’ attitude about you and what you do. So how do companies like this work? And what can they really offer you in the way of reputation management?

One of the basic things that a service like Repumatic will do is give you and your brand a specific branding site. A branding site is one of dozens or hundreds of niche-specific sites that profile individuals and their brands. It helps you select exactly the sort of words, phrases, and concepts you want associated around your brand. And it makes these the easiest to find online, ensuring that they pop up on Google when people search your name or about other things related to you and what you do. It makes you very discoverable, but on your own terms, not random words that may be associated with your brand, but potentially in a bad or uncontrolled way.

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Do You Monitor Your Online Reputation?

Your reputation management company will give you a bunch of branding sites, to maximize your exposure and give you enough depth and range to make sure you are visible wherever, and however, you want to be. This is part of the nuts and bolts of SEO, or Search Engine Optimization. Most people know about SEO, and they know it’s important, but they’re not sure exactly how to make it work. A reputation management service is in the business of controlling SEO deftly, through focused keywords and phrases sprinkled around just the right places on the internet. By making sure the right things are written at the right places online, you’ll basically be teaching your audience how to think about you and your brand.

By taking the lead in how you are perceived online, you’ll be lengthening your career, as well as determining its trajectory. If you are getting really busy with your business online, you simply aren’t going to have the time to optimize your brand most effectively. But don’t let that get you down; just leave it to the professionals. You’ll find it’s a lot easier to control your reputation online than you had probably previously thought.

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