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Happy Birthday Blogger! Here Are 11 Reasons Why We Love You

Happy Birthday Blogger! Here Are 11 Reasons Why We Love You

A 11 years ago on this day a man named Evan Williams set out on a quest to make blogging easier. After much thought, sweat and hard work he introduced the world to Blogger, which was later on assimilated by Google.

Fast forward to today and Blogger is the number one platform in the world (according to Quantcast) and despite the rise of Tumblr as well as WordPress, Google’s favorite child still holds the crown as king of the blogging platforms.

While Blogger is celebrating the occasion by encouraging blogspot fans to hold blogger fiesta’s around the world, here are 11 reasons why many users love Blogger, and why they continue to use Google’s blogging platform over its rivals.

1) Unlimited Video Uploading

In 2007 Google unveiled video uploading for Blogspot fans, allowing them to share their multimedia lives without embracing YouTube.

Unlike rivals who provide time caps or require paid accounts, you still offer users unlimited video uploading options minus the fees, something very few of your competitors have been able to match.

2) Image Hosting On The Cheap

Although you provide users with a gig of space, the fact that you are willing to sell 19 more GB’s for only $5/year pretty much explains why my non-geek friends continue to use your service (despite my WordPress pestering).

3) CAPTCHA Free Comment Sections

Despite being late to the game, your embrace of real anti-spam features minus the silly word puzzles is worthy of celebration by itself (unless you’re a human spammer of course).

Now my friends no longer have to outsource to Disqus in order to receive interaction from yours truly.

4) Theme Designing For Dummies

Instead of releasing numerous themes in the hopes that your fans would make their sites pretty, you went one step further by launching Blogger Template Designer, a feature I have yet to see duplicated on any other platform.

5) iBlogging On The Go

Your decision to anoint BlogPress as your iAmbassador was a smart move instead of creating your own official iPhone app, especially considering BlogPress’s latest update.

Although if you ever want to create an official iPhone (as well as Android) app, we’ll be here waiting to review it. ;-)

6) Widgets Galore

If WordPress is known for having numerous plugins, Blogger is known for its large selection of widgets, a feature many of my blogspot friends love.

Although they are not exactly the same as WordPress plugins, they do help you stand out from every other platform under the sun.

7) Live Stats For The Blogoholic

Blogger Live Stats is second to none (as any honest analytical blog geek will admit), and is one feature many of my BlogSpot friends enjoy about Blogger (especially now that you’ve rolled out the service to the masses).

8) Social Sharing For Everyone?

Instead of standing by and watching your community create a zillion social buttons (which truth be told are an eyesore), your early embrace of social sharing has kept buttonitus in check.

Even though other platforms (like WordPress and OnSugar) came out with similar features later on, your early embrace helped initiate a trend.

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9) Problogging On The Cheap

Despite your enormous burden hosting everyone’s content, you still don’t charge bloggers for using your platform, even if they decide to blog under their own domain.

You even make it dead simple to insert AdSense or Amazon ads upon one’s blog, without making users embrace their inner geek (i.e. copy paste code everywhere).

10) FeedBurner Love

Blogger’s early embrace of FeedBurner helped spark a trend upon many blog platforms, who now allow bloggers to replace their default feeds with FeedBurner (giving users a greater understanding of their subscribers).

11) Google Reader Blog Rolls

The fact that a BlogSpot fan can easily add a blog to their blogroll by subscribing to them via Google Reader is awesome.

This by itself is a time saver as it prevents your blog from being flooded with requests to add ones blog to the sidebar (even after informing them that you’ve subscribed to their site).

Do you use Blogger?

Do you love Blogger? If so, what features do you love the most? And are you planning to meetup with fellow BlogSpot fans today?

If so, feel free to share your opinions, stories, etc. (and if you are planning on meeting up, let us know by blogging about it!).

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