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Happy Holidays: Looking Back at the Blog Herald in 2008

Happy Holidays: Looking Back at the Blog Herald in 2008

Santa on the beachIt’s been a busy year for the Blog Herald. I took over as the new editor, and relaunched the site with a new design in August. I have focused on getting into a rhythm myself, and there has been some shifting in the staff. All natural stuff.

I’m happy with how the Blog Herald have been the last couple of months. We’ve got great WordPress coverage through Lorelle’s WordPress Wednesdays, and the addition of Billy’s Movable Type Mondays complements this. We might add further features like these in the future (do tell me if you’re missing something!), but for now I’m pretty happy with it.

That being said, the Blog Herald could improve, to believe otherwise would be stupid. I’ve got some ideas myself, and while some would have to be approved by the people holding the money, others will be presented to the staff in early 2009, and then we’ll see. Among these are resources that are in the works already, so I’m hoping that the first of several announcements will roll out in the not too distant future.

That Blogging Thing

Blogging is evolving, there’s no question about that. With microblogging, everything changed, and now we’re lifestreaming away. Everything we do online is content pulled together into one place, or potentially so at least. This reflects on blogging, which is really a way of saying publishing online.

The Blog Herald won’t be a web publishing site as long as I’m at the helm. That is just too much to handle, and I think it would be disastrous to loose focus. Blogging, however, is far more than a WordPress install and some posts about your cats these days. When I explain this to people still nurturing the thought of blogging as an online diary (which it of course can be), I usually use sites like Engadget and Huffington Post as examples. These are blogs, but their readers doesn’t always know that…

Defining blogging is hard for sure, and not something I would want to be in charge of. However, I will have to define what is relevant to the Blog Herald, and so will you, dear reader. I urge you to speak up if you think we’re missing something, as well as let us know if we’re going too far off the radar on a story. We might not always be in agreement, but rest assured you’ll be heard.

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The Blog Herald in 2009

I’m looking forward to continue my work with the Blog Herald in 2009. More importantly, I can’t wait to read the great content our excellent contributors will produce! That’s always a treat for me, and I hope the same goes for you, dear reader.

So wherever you are, and whatever holiday you might celebrate in the coming days and weeks, I wish you a Happy Holiday, from all of us here at the Blog Herald!

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