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I Don’t Think I Understand “Not Blogging” Anymore

I Don’t Think I Understand “Not Blogging” Anymore

Jason Calacanis quitting blogging was big news in the navel gazing inner blogosphere, I doubt it made such an impact outside that, but still, it is news. I have a lot of respect for Jason, and I do subscribe to his mailing list, but now I’m confused. First he switched to WordPress, and then said he wasn’t getting back to blogging:

Now hosted on WordPress for posterity, but no I’m not coming back to blogging. I’m enjoying the mailing list waaaaay to much!

Right. This is where the confusion starts.

So that fist quote was September 13. On September 17, Jason posts about a Mahalo recruitment scheme, where you can get paid if you find the right people, something that I wouldn’t be surprised to see on a blog, but he’s not blogging, right? Actually, Jason starts that particular post with:

No, I’m still not blogging. I’m having waaaay too much fun doing the email newsletter.

OK… I’m officially confused. If you’re not blogging, what are you doing? Maybe it is a one time thing.

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Nope. On September 19, Jason publishes a short post to let developers know about a Hadoop meetup in Los Angeles. Then, on the same day, he posts another post consisting solely of a poster for Park(ing) Day LA 2008.

Right. Sorry Jason, you’re blogging again. We’ll forgive you, though, and I’m sure you can keep the mailing list as well, after all, why shouldn’t you? Enjoy your emailing, and enjoy your non-blogging status. I wonder if you can say that you’re not blogging without smiling?

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  • I sometime really want to give up blogging, because I sometime think what I doing? I could be a good blogger? But up to now, I am still blogging, I know if I leave my blog, I will left nothing, blog is what I care, what I think, it is my spiritual life, and for me it is much important than the material life

  • I understand people quiting blogging, but when you make a big deal about leaving, that is when I get a little confused. If you slowly over time blog less and less often and then finally stop blogging altogether, that makes sense but making a big deal about quiting is a little weird to me.

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