Jen 2.0: A Video Blogoraphy of Sorts

I have been following a new blog of late. Called Making Jen 2.0.

Here is the story:

Jenn is a web savvy 20-something living in San Diego, California. She is a unique combination of social butterfly and computer nerd who has recently found a way to put that knowledge to use as a Social Media Consultant. Even though she’s dating someone, Jenn has had found it difficult to define the right partner because she can’t yet define herself. Therefore, she pours herself into the network of friends that she maintains across the ether-world of Web2.0 social media applications.

This could easily be the story of any of us in the social media and blogging industry:

And, time is a limited currency that Jenn must spend each day to stay just within the limits of information overload; profiles to maintain, statuses to update, blog entries to post, beta sites, web links, comments to answer, new connections, old friends, opportunities, software upgrades, chat conversations, emails, and even phone calls. Real-life friends want to meet while online connections crave attention. Among these conflicts, Jenn will find humor, stress and a little bit of herself as she struggles to determine what is a liability, and what is living.

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Check out the trailer, def. a great production.

Jennifer Van Grove is who Jenn 2.0 is based on and is a blogger at Mashable as well as an independent consultant. This looks to be a great up and coming show. One atleast I will be interested in following.

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  • David, thanks for the coverage. You make a really great point about how the story resembles the lives of so many of us who live a majority of our lives online. That’s why I think it’s so cool, because it’s the type of show and story that a network would never get, let alone produce.

  • Definetly,
    Seriously have you tried explaining what it is a social media consultant does to the average mom or dad in america and they wouldn’t get it. Yet there is so many of us. So I think a show like this has potential in a small circle and could really make a strong impact. Good stuff. Look forward to watching.


  • We have often thought the show falls into the new category called “infotainment” and we have a duty to meet that goal of being entertaining while at the same time offering some insight into this new social media culture.

    It’s nice to see a reputable tech blog reference the show. I hope it means we’re on the right track. Thanks! -Rob

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