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Learn from Business Entrepreneurs Who Take the Time to Train Others

Learn from Business Entrepreneurs Who Take the Time to Train Others

What’s better than learning from people who’ve already been successful in business and not people who haven’t? It’s always a little difficult taking financial advisors seriously because they pass along retirement investing advice and yet they’ve never been retired or tried living off their own investments. It’s all theoretical. However, with successful entrepreneurs who are willing to share their experiences with other people so they can better themselves, there’s a genuineness that one can put faith in.

Here are several business entrepreneurs who still find the time to share their life experience.

Gary Vaynerchuck

Since the days of his family’s wine business and his earliest videos made to promote this little-known business, Gary V has been aware that pro-active promotion was necessary to grow the business substantially. You couldn’t simply sit back and expect the customers to roll into the store. Sure, some would see the building and stop to check out the wine supply, but to reach any kind of critical mass it was necessary to get the word out in a big way.

Today, Gary is CEO at his own company Vayner Media, they offer web design, social media and other aspects of digital media on the cutting edge. Their client list reads like a Fortune 500 Who’s Who.

He continues to share his experiences through his Daily Vee YouTube show that has a huge following, and his prolific use of both Instagram, and Snapchat, the latter of which he’s also a strategic investor in.

Aleksander Vitkin

As a business consultant and YouTuber, Aleksander hops from country to country with a never-ending travel schedule. He previously was the Marketing Director for Real Social Dynamics, the dating training company. He’s taken his experience in that role to help other business entrepreneurs find greater levels of success by getting them over the hump when they hit problems.

His mastermind program has graduated 400 students so far. The training includes many of the often-seen mistakes by newbie entrepreneurs who were making it up as they went along. When he’s not coaching his clients or globetrotting, he publishes the Daily Business Hustle podcast.

Tai Lopez

Tai Lopez has become well-known for his Book of the Day show that encourages readers to read more. His YouTube videos often feature expensive homes and supercars which aim to encourage viewers that you can be as successful as Tai Lopez if you work at it.

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Tai offers several training programs for entrepreneurs at different levels of development. These focus on what he’s learned from private investing as an angel investor in several companies, what he’s learned from running his own businesses successfully, and also synthesizing lessons he’s picked up from the many books he’s read over the years.

Adam Snyder

Adam Snyder is a young business owner who has been involved with online business for the past few years. Whilst he’d never tell someone not to go to college, he doesn’t feel it’s completely necessary if you plan to be an entrepreneur. College studies tend to teach students how to be a good employee, but lack training on how to think or behave like an entrepreneur.
With his HomeMadeEntrepreneur branding, Adam publishes YouTube videos and a blog that covers important business topics. His focus is mainly around online business and creating a series of diversified income streams over time. He has a membership group run under a monthly subscription and several training programs to help business owners progress in their entrepreneurial journey.

When you’ve been bitten by the entrepreneurial bug, it’s best to learn from people who’ve already succeeded where you haven’t yet. The above entrepreneurs share part of their life journey, business secrets, and key insights to help others, which should shortcut your own journey to success.

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