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Michael Arrington Takes a Break After Death Threat and Spit Attack

Michael Arrington Takes a Break After Death Threat and Spit Attack

There’s no doubt that being successful can annoy people, and TechCrunch founder Michael Arrington has gotten a fair share of haters out there. I doubt he didn’t expect that, he’s pretty straight-forward in his posts over at TechCrunch, and I can see people being annoyed by this guy. I can even see them being pissed off.

But walking up and spitting him in the face? I can’t see what Arrington might’ve done to deserve that.

Nor does he deserve to have serious death threats and having to hide out at his parents’ house. That is so totally wrong, and I sincerely hope and believe that you all agree with me. You don’t have to be an Arrington fan to be upset with the development of things detailed in a recent TechCrunch post on the subject. It is a matter of free speech, people!

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While I think Arrington probably needs that vacation breather far away from iPhones and Macbooks for several reasons, I also hope that this isn’t a sign of things to come. You can’t bully print journalists, you can’t bully bloggers, and most importantly: We can’t accept it!

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  • Wow.

    I know Michael can be pretty obnoxious at times, but to spit on him or threaten him or his family is ridiculous. It’s always baffled me how people treat some online personalities as celebrities. They’re just trying to do their job… I hope Arrington has a nice, long, peaceful vacation. He deserves one.

  • “You can’t bully print journalists, you can’t bully bloggers, and most importantly: We can’t accept it!”

    You’re correct that people like Herr Jerkwad shouldn’t feel empowered to assault someone like that. However, a strong majority of bloggers and journalists are likely anonymous enough to not fear such action.

  • I agree that Mike shouldn’t have been spat on. How disgusting. The death threats? Ridiculous.

    Mike as a person? An ass. I’m sorry.

    I for one will NOT miss Mike. He’s self-serving, and obnoxious.

    I hope his vacation is looonnngggg.

    PS- the fact that he closed comments on his post shows what a child he is.

  • Arrington’s response seems a bit out of proportion (and the summary in this post seems inaccurate/exaggerated).

    1. An isolated incident in Germany where someone spit on him. Disturbing. Report it and move on.

    2. Another isolated incident in which “an off balance individual threatened to kill me and my family.” Which he reported and police are investigating.

    That’s it? It’s not even clear either of these are directly related to what he does at TechCrunch other than the fact that it makes him somewhat famous and people who are famous have to put up with nonsense like this.

    I run a site about the animal rights movement. I’ve received threats, I’ve had people post my addresses and phone # with vague “someone should do something about this person lines.” I’ve had people dig up pictures of my kids and post them online with threatening messages.

    It just comes with the territory in being outspoken in a field where controversy is common or money is involved.

  • Arrington is a jerk and a whiner. I find it difficult to believe any of what he describes actually happened. And don’t forget, this isn’t the first time he’s taken a “vacation” from his oh-so-difficult job of trashing others and making money.

    My heart just bleeds for him.

  • Yes, this is completely ridiculous. Of course, it could be a bit exaggerated. But whatever happened, there is a line which should NEVER be crossed. And apparently, something inappropriate definitely happened here.

    And yes, he really should open comments on that post.

  • Is so bad to hear something like that…. I really hope he can have A loonng!! VACATION!! :-)

  • Wow, reading about what happened to Mike and thought “even though he is frequently obnoxious, no one should be spat on or threatened”. I do happen to agree with his observation that finding trustworthy people is difficult. Today’s economy is bringing out the worse in people.

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