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Reasons a Blogger Should Stick With WordPress

Reasons a Blogger Should Stick With WordPress

reasons a blogger should stick with wordpress
Ever since blogging became rather mainstream, there has been no lack of platforms for newbies and seasoned bloggers alike. Yet as we can see from the past 10 years, WordPress has more than held its own in this realm. With WordPress celebrating its 10th anniversary, there is a lot to be said about how good the platform is. But is it really the best? Should bloggers stick with WordPress or look elsewhere?

I could go on and on how much I love WordPress and how I think any blogger should stick with WordPress, but let me lay down several points which provide concrete arguments. Here is why I think a blogger should stick with WordPress.


For newbies, this is the biggest argument. WordPress is easy to use, no matter how little experience you may have. While it certainly is not idiot-proof (I don’t think there is such a thing, to be honest), WordPress is very user friendly.

Even web hosts include a one-click WordPress install these days. You don’t have to be a brilliant techie to get that done. And once installed, the interface is intuitive. Even if you’re a seasoned blogger, easy is always a good thing!

Customization options

WordPress is certainly easy to use, but if you want to get more out of the platform, you can do so. This is where WordPress becomes very attractive for power users. There is a high degree of customization available, and you can always play around with the settings to make your blog look and behave how you want it to.

This is where elements such as themes come into the picture. There are a lot of free themes and default themes. And if you want more control, there is no lack of premium themes (which offer their own support) as well.
reasons a blogger should stick with wordpress
We also can’t ignore plugins, too. Plugins come in all shapes and sizes, and there is a plugin for whatever thing you want to do with your blog. From forum software to stats to importing your Tumblr blog – you have tens of thousands of plugins to choose from.

What about hosting? Again, the choice is yours. You may opt for WordPress to host your blog, you can search for options for best hosting for WordPress. Whether you are a new blogger or an experienced one, the platform leaves the decision to you.


Search engine optimization has become such a dirty word in recent times, but only because of unscrupulous individuals who have engaged in black hat activities. There is still merit in SEO, though, and WordPress as a platform is built with excellent – and clean – SEO principles integrated. There are even plugins which help boost on page SEO without the blogger having to know the tricks.

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Community support

WordPress was born out of a sense of community. It’s what open source is all about, right? Not only is it free to use, but a group of passionate and talented people are behind the WordPress community. If you have any issues – which you are bound to have at some point – you will not be lacking for support. From the official WordPress support documentation to community forums, you will always have someone willing to help you out with your issue.


Yes, there are many other blogging platforms available to you. I think, however, that the above points are more than enough reasons for a blogger to stick with WordPress. At the end of the day, it works, and it works very well.

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  • Nicely written article. I find wordpress blogging platform is the best among the available lot. It’s easy to install, provides variety of choices to use in blog as plugins and a vibrant user community to solve issues.

  • WordPress is definitely the best and easiest way to get started blogging. It is appropriate for both the newbie and the expert blogger.

  • Good article here. You definitely hit on the main reasons why WordPress is the best blogging platform. Thanks for sharing your insight and knowledge.

  • Nice article, share to delicious. WordPress is easy to use as it eliminates a lot of unnecessary modules. But still strong, once someone needs more function, it can easily get by install plugin.

  • Very beneficial article. Also another important reason to stick on wordpress is although it has many functionality to make the wordpress website good, it is user friendly and any novice users can build a website on wordpress and also using a wordpress plugins.

  • I have used Joomla, Drupal and recently have also tried out Ghost, however I strongly believe that WordPress is the best choice, not only for bloggers but basically for any type of website. It can be easily customized and expanded so it may suit eCommerce, coupon sites, news sites, rating sites, forums, social networking, etc. Sure it is mostly used for blogging, but it can go far beyond that.

  • I used to use Blogspot and Wix to create blogs and websites but since I have moved to WordPress I have never looked back.

    Not only WordPress is very easy to use, it also offers so many plugins to customize a blog to any level.

    I must say, WordPress is the best platform for bloggers.

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