Twitter: A Terrorists Favorite Tool

To define terror you must first understand Twitter. I really should quit watching Fox News. It begins to corrupt my soul after awhile.

Any useful tool could be utilized by terrorists. People who look to strike terror or fear into the hearts and minds of another group of people.

I have a few ex girlfriends who strike fear into me. They often utilized blackmail, cellphones, and envelopes to scare me. Terrorists could easily do the same thing. In this day and age of pseudojournalism sometimes its useful to get carried away with a topic just to make money. But this is sensationalist nonsense. Just as more folks are starting to Twitter, the US Army says Twitter could be used by Terrorists.

Well, I hope someone tells them CB Radios could be used as well. Or even McDonald´s Monopoly pieces. Because this report is ridiculous.

We should really insert our own favorite objects,web apps, or whatever and send it off to the US Army.

US Army Says ________ Could Become Terrorist Tool.

I was thinking of the following objects that scare the crap out of me:
My Microwave
WordPress Plugins
Gaping Void Comics
Vox Blogging Platform
My Neighbors Alarm Clock

See Also
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Remember anything could be a terrorist tool. Even mainstream media. Fear is all about not embracing reality. More people die from cancer yearly than ´terrorists attacks´ in a decade. Let´s not forget that.

Venture Beat is weighing in with an opinion / CNET as well.

Got any suggestions for our US Army Memo?

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