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We’re reshuffling and Tony’s taking charge

We’re reshuffling and Tony’s taking charge

We’re barely 3 months in since we first took charge of the Blog Herald. A lot of things have happened since then and I believe we have survived one problem after another pretty well. Our roster of contributors has grown and our rhythm has been stabilized. Once again, we’re realigning some of our internal functions around here.

I’m proud to announce that Tony Hung will be our new Editor here at the Blog Herald. Our regular readers here would agree with me that Tony is more than capable to take charge and be the new face of Blog Herald.

My recent personal issues/problems have slowed me down tremendously. A death in the family, legal troubles and more- all have piled up on me so quickly that I have been barely able to focus on my work. So I am glad that Tony accepted this role willingly and on such short notice. I will still be around, sometimes writing, but more on the back-end of things and I will continue to help Tony run the site. There’s still so much to do around here, as you know. Amongst other things, we’re getting a few more people into the writing team.

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Please join me in congratulating Tony as our new Editor.

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  • Abe- thanks for everything you have done, and I’m so happy that you will still be an ever-present figure here at BH. Our prayers to your family, during this time of loss, and now worry. I assume that you cannot discuss the legal case?

    And we are very lucky to have Tony here to pick up the reins…

  • Abe, thank you for everything — and our thoughts are with you as you struggle with difficult times. Changing the world starts at home, so take care of first things first.

    Tony: good luck and congratulations! You’ll do great.

  • Abe, so sorry to hear of your troubles. I’ve recently gone through (am going through) the same thing.

    But great cheers and applause for Tony. You’ve got a great team here and everyone will step up to the plate, I’m sure!

  • @ Chris & Lorelle

    Thank you for the support.

    @ Mark

    I guess we can discuss about that ridiculous law suit here as I can’t understand how it got blown out of proportion.

    I run a fairly small start-up web hosting here in the Philippines. One of our former clients runs a forum that we used to host. Several members of that forum were throwing vindictives against a their former employer. That employer sent us a demand letter thru their law firm demanding that we terminate the site or be charged with libel as well. The client moved out from us the following day. However, the employer/complainant has now filed several libel law suits against us claiming that we are the owner of the domain and the operator of the site. The site is still up and running though hosted somewhere else, the domain was also transferred away from us. Still, the complainant is alleging we should have enforced some sort of regulations or control over the content when it was still with us.

    Apparently, all they wanted is money and this case is just of one of their many business gigs.

  • Crikey. How does a case like that, without merit, stay in due process? I know that you have spent days and days of your time consumed by it at various legal locations- what is their gameplan? That you crack, give in and just pay them off to go away? Do you have no legal recourse?

    It’s an outrage.

    For those of you reading this and learning about it for the first time, I can tell you that Abe has already had to spend an equivalent amount of money to that which was saved to buy a home, in order to defend himself against these ludicrous charges.

    We’re all in the same boat on this in a way, i.e: it could happen to any of us who publish, host, comment, etc, etc……such is the crazy world we live in.

  • I’d also just like to record that under Abe’s stewardship, a PR hit aside, BH’s stats are up in every sense. Alexa is up a couple of thousand and we’ve moved up Technorati by a couple of hundred places. So well done, mate, you did us proud.

  • Tony will definitely take good care of the ship. Glad to have him at the helm and kick this vessel full steam ahead. Not really sure what’s up with the nautical cliche’s. Found a theme and went with it.

    Best of luck to you Abe. Dont’ forget to stick your head out the porthole once in awhile

  • Thanks everyone,

    I’ve got some large boots to fill myself, but I’m looking forward to the challenge.

    More on my thoughts in the very near future, but I wanted to stop by with a half-thought before I caught a few hours sleep.


  • Considering what Mark said, I think it would be a good idea to consider Abe’s legal battles a landmark case here in our country. It’s IT-related after all, especially one pertaining to online publications and discussion boards. An aging legal system probably has problems handling such cases.

  • Sounds a crazy, self-serving case to me. Surely a half-decent court would throw it out at first sitting.

    Mark’s right. It could happen to any of us. When I read through the comments on one of our forum-like sites, I often get the urge to delete and delete. We’re all balanced on the edge.

    I’m sure if Abe is in real financial trouble over this, it would only take each BH reader to send $10 via PayPal to make a big difference. Mine’s poised to go.

    And well done Tony. A brilliant choice, well deserved.

  • John- that’s very decent of you and a wonderful idea. I suspect Abe might be too proud to accept, so we better be quick and set this up as a fait complis. Angelo- please can you sort this?

  • Let’s try this: for the first 10 x $100 contributions made via the paypal that Angelo mentioned – theblogherald (at) gmail (dot) com – you’ll get a link in “friends” for the rest of 2007. Just specify the link & text you want with the payment.

  • Abe, I hope this will be sorted out. It’s clearly unfounded and should be thrown out of court… I would ask larger hosting companies for their expertise. I think has an office there in The Philippines. try contacting them. Because I know, they get a lot of these complaints and have fended off lawsuits in the past…

    Tony, I’m a big fan, I wish you well in the new endeavor!

  • We are one with you abe. i’m sure everything will turn out right. And maybe, the pioneering persona that you are in the Philippines, this will come out better for you in the end.

    Congrats Tony! We know you will do great.

    God bless to both of you.

  • All the while I thought your litigation was long over. Hope everything will be better now that you’ll have more time to address your problems. God bless!

  • Thanks everyone for your kind congratulations.

    In particular though … Matt and Duncan — your opinions me a lot as prior editors. I stand on some tall shoulders as I look to 2007. And John, as one of the (perhaps *the* longest) existing commenters here, your opinion is also tremendously meaningful.


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