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What Is The Future Of SEO?

What Is The Future Of SEO?


In a society where the internet is an integral part of many of our lives, internet related industries are flourishing, including Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Without good SEO, website owners will have sites that are barely even noticed by people making searches online, which could make even the best sites all but useless.

With this in mind it is easy to see just why good SEO is in high demand. What’s more is that SEO looks like it will be around for some time yet as it is hard to see how it could become obsolete any time soon. As long as we have the internet there will be a demand for SEO and the internet looks as though it is here to stay, at least that is until something better comes along.

One thing we do know about the internet and SEO, however, is that it is changing all the time. Google Penguin and Panda helped to shake up the internet to help eliminate spammy, poor quality content and it changed the way that many people approach SEO. Without a crystal ball it is hard to say for sure what the future of SEO is, but there are some changes that we are likely to see.

Better Quality Content

Changes so far have helped remove spammy content that offers little but lots of keywords and links, but the battle for improved quality will surely not end there. There’s already likely to be a team of people working away at the Google offices trying to develop and enhance algorithms that favour well written material that is useful and interesting to read. This will favour the better content writers as their services come under increasing demand but unfortunately for those that are not so good, demand for their services will fall away. For the end user, the experience of using the internet will be improved. For sure, a large part of the future of SEO is better quality content.

Greater Competition

Although the internet is already hugely popular worldwide, it has yet to see considerably more growth. As the younger, more tech savvy generations replace the older generations the use of tech will increase and the internet along with it. What’s more is that the internet will become increasingly available in poorer countries, potentially paving the way for literally billions more people to join the World Wide Web. With more and more websites joining the fray, the top places in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS) will become more competitive.

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Change in Format

There are those that even think the SERPS will become obsolete as developing tech changes the way we use and access the internet. Mobile technology is developing at an increasing rate and with augmented vision technology just around the corner, the internet as we know it may be in for a huge revamp. The introduction of a different format to the internet will mean that SEO will have to be approached differently also and some current methods will become obsolete, with new methods being introduced. Some future SEO related tasks may be very different to how they are today.

Without the ability to see into the future it is hard for us to be absolutely sure what the future of SEO is, but we can at least speculate, and probably with some degree of accuracy. One thing for sure is that if you are in the field of SEO then you should be prepared to adapt as the game changes and it could change dramatically and suddenly. Keep ahead of the changes and adapt where necessary and you will remain at the front of the pack and your SEO efforts will continue to be effective.

Ian Phillips runs a blog and has learned how to use good SEO to keep his ranking high. He uses professional copywriting services as part of his efforts to provide quality content.

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  • Hi Angus,

    I agree that the future is going to be difficult to predict for SEO, but I must say that I am glad that Matt Cutts is now looking into the advertising of links on high PR sites being given merit for the SERPS. It tends to give false readings in terms of the popularity of a site and is not a good reflection of what people want in their SERPS. Good SEO in an honourable way is going to eventually shine through as the shortcuts get found by the Big G.

    For example, the reason I found your site is because your blog entry is shown on DotComReport and thus is trusted as having merit in my eyes.

    Glad I found your site and find what you write extremely useful.

    Best regards
    Online Money Mentor Webmaster

  • Sites doing wrong in Google understanding have been punished robustly however now it appears after a ton of modification in Algorithms, Google has settled a touch on emulating not many elements clearly which might press on to administer Seo in 2013. seocompanyplannings

    • Yes of-course its better to join a good institute where you can take SEO training. So you can get a better and clear idea about future in this field….

  • I’m not super confident about the better quality content aspect of things. In fact, some of the biggest affiliate marketers make 90% of their money off of questionable content with the goal for the users end goal to visit the affiliate link rather than stay on their page. If they make bigger strides, some of the clutter may be cleared but unfortunately on the flip side, if Google and other big search engines continue to profit, the likelihood of completely eliminating the spam content is slim. I do agree on your other points however, thanks for sharing!

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