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Where Twitter Wants to Be

Where Twitter Wants to Be

From the official Twitter blog:

A small business like a bakery will send out a tweet that the cookies just came out of the oven and a few dozen local followers will rush over and buy warm cookies. The customers like it and the small businesses owners love it. Big companies are using Twitter in interesting ways too.

You’d love that, wouldn’t you, Biz? If Twitter was used that way, it would be hyperlocal and worth ten times more than any guesstimate out there today.

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The featured Best Buy mashup Twelpforce thing is pretty far from what you’re dreaming of above, Biz, but at least it is a step in the right direction.

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  • Actually, I’ve seen Twitter used just as described. A local pizza place sent a tweet advertising a deal just for Twitter followers. They only had 25 followers, but 10 of them called back and ordered one of the specials.

    The hard part is business have to advertise their Twitter username. Think about it – do you remember the first company you noticed with website in a TV commercial? How many business cards these days don’t include an e-mail address?

    In the very near future, people will be putting their “social media addresses” in their official communications. At my day job, I’ve added my Facebook profile to my e-mail signature.

    When a local company want’s local followers it has to do two things: 1) give their customers their Twitter ID & 2) Advertise Twitter-only specials.

  • I’m following several business who are doing the local thing on twitter an doing very well. It’s also been featured on a few news sites. Twitter is even more perfect for local than it is for big brands. I manage a couple of twitter accounts for local companies and they get an excellent response from them.

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