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10 Best Franchise Blogs to Follow

10 Best Franchise Blogs to Follow

Looking to buy a franchise or to expand your current business? There’s no better place to get timely information and advice than a blog all about franchising. Fortunately, there are several blogs devoted to the practice that can increase your knowledge and help you to evaluate the best opportunities to start a new business. Here are ten of the most popular franchising blogs on the web.

1. Always Best Care Senior Services

If you’re looking to purchase a franchise within a specific niche, look for a blog in that niche. Always Best Care Senior Services blog, for example, has a blog devoted to improving operations as a franchisee in the senior care industry. It hosts current, quality conversations about how to start a franchise, find clients, avoid common mistakes, recruit and train senior caregivers, and more.

2. Hotel Law Blog

Hotels are another popular franchise with plenty of online discourse about improving the franchise business in the guest accommodation business. The Hotel Law blog provides information about best practices for hotel franchises all over the world.

3. Franchise Direct

Franchise Direct provides the tips and tricks you need to immerse yourself in the franchise industry, so you’re ready to take the next step in running your own franchise. It shares current news and events about franchises that are succeeding or failing, as well as great advice for first-time franchisees.

4. The Franchise King

Joel Libava is the self-proclaimed Franchise King, and he’s devoted his time to “helping you take the guesswork out of buying a franchise.” With his useful tips and tricks, you can learn what it takes to research, choose, and purchase a profitable franchise.


Before purchasing a franchise, you should immerse yourself in the business. That requires understanding what’s happening with major franchises around you, knowing tips and tricks for developing a profitable franchise in today’s economy, and avoiding major mistakes in your franchise business. is an excellent resource for this type of information.

6. Entrepreneur Franchise Blog

Technically, is a website devoted to business in general, but they do have a section that focuses on franchising, which can be very useful for new franchise owners. Whether you’re looking to buy, sell, or excel with a franchise business, the Entrepreneur Franchise blog can point you in the right direction.

7. Inc. Franchise Blog

Like Entrepreneur, is another business website with a section on franchising that you might find useful. The content on Inc.’s franchise blog tends to be more lighthearted and less serious than the one on Entrepreneur, which makes it a highly enjoyable read.

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8. Franchising USA Magazine

For current events in the franchising industry, useful tips and tricks, and solid advice for those looking to run their own franchises, Franchising USA Magazine is a great platform to peruse. It’s an online and in-print resource filled with all the information you could want regarding franchising opportunities and best practices.

9. Expansion Experts

The Expansion Experts take a unique focus in the franchising industry as they aim to help small businesses make the next step to expand their business. They offer top-of-the-line strategies to small business owners to help them seamlessly transition from one business to multiple operations.

10. Allbusiness Franchise Blog

This resource, devoted to internet marketing and SEO, helps individuals get the hang of their franchises, both online and in brick and mortar locations. It offers great tips for those looking to purchase and run a franchise of their very own. Allbusiness Franchise is a huge publication that attracts expert tips from all over, making it a great resource for all your franchising interests.

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