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28 Essential WordPress Plugins for 2015

28 Essential WordPress Plugins for 2015

essential wordpress plugins for 2015
WordPress plugins are always the talk of the blogging town. While there are countless plugins available, there are always those that are not really useful. Then there are those which are cool, but may not add much value to your blog. Of course, there are the plugins which any blogger would want to install simply because they contribute in one way or another – SEO, user experience, and social sharing, among other things.

As such, lists featuring essential WordPress plugins are popular, making it easy for bloggers – beginning and experienced alike – to figure out which ones to use. We’ve covered some of these ourselves.

As can only be expected, what is considered essential plugins change over time. As we near the end of 2014 and get ready to welcome 2015, it’s a good time to take a look at what probably will be considered the essential WordPress plugins for 2015.

The guys at Webby Monks have made it easy for everyone to check out these essential WordPress plugins for 2015 by creating an infographic with 28 plugins. The plugins are categorized by purpose (security, SEO, etc.), making it convenient for you to browse the infographic.

You will notice that some of the plugins are all-time favorites, such as Akismet, WordPress SEO by Yoast, and Jetpack Contact Form. You’ll find several which you may not have heard of, so I suggest that as you make your plans for 2015, keep this guide handy.

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essential wordpress plugins 2015

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  • This list has such poor selections, I can’t even recommend it. I love graphics like this but the “suggested” plugins are almost always wrong.

    All in One over Yoast? Maybe 2 yrs ago. Maybe.
    Analyticator? Causes errors in many themes, doesn’t always track properly, etc.
    ShareThis is the recommended social plugin, not Flare? C’mon.
    Recommended slider? How about “None.”

    Frustrating …

  • En effet cette cet article est trés petit et peu complet.
    Pour ma part, je vous recommande :
    – All In One SEO Pack
    – All 404 Redirect to Homepage
    – EWWW Image Optimizer
    – SEO Friendly Images
    – W3 Total Cache
    Avec ces plugins vous aurez une installation correcte pour commencer.

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