Awesome! Google Reader Expands Reader Trends (Reveals Who The Slackers Are)


After previously releasing trends for Google Reader, it looks as if the Google team has done it again by providing even more detail on not only the feeds that you read, but on how often they publish articles.

(Google Reader Blog) Some of us on the Reader team are obsessed with keeping our unread counts low so we wondered if we were being driven by the posting schedule of our subscriptions. We thought the chart might be more interesting if we showed when posts were coming into Reader, so we are now graphing published statistics on the same chart. For example, in my set of subscriptions, even though I’m reading the majority of items in the evening, new posts seem to arrive in the middle of the day. […]

We also wanted to expose more fine-grained data. While it’s useful to know what your overall reading trends are, we thought it might be interesting to also display this data on a subscription by subscription level.

What’s interesting about this new feature is that it allows bloggers to see how frequently some of the top (or bottom) blogs post throughout the day/week/month, which may help those striving to break into the coveted “A-list” understand the habits of some of the blogs they frequently read.

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It will be intersting to see how other online rivals such as NewsGator and BlogLines (which is now working again).

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