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5 Promising Tools to Help Boost Your Online Startup

5 Promising Tools to Help Boost Your Online Startup

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As an entrepreneur, one of your biggest concerns is to find a way hack the growth of your startup and reap its immediate rewards. Given that building an online business generally requires time and a lot of patience, it is your responsibility to find the fastest and most efficient way that will lead you to greater leads and sales.

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Thankfully, there are growth-hacking tools that will help you achieve success in your business in the shortest time possible. Interestingly enough, most of the tools featured in this post are also startups themselves. Using their products is like helping their startups success as well – it’s a win-win situation for both of you!

Below are tools that you need to consider using to turn your startup into a profitable venture.


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Your clients are the lifeblood of your business. You need to attract as many clients possible to your startup so you can generate capital that will sustain your startup in the long run.

However, attracting clients is not as simple as asking them to purchase your products and services. You need to present a compelling proposal or presentation that will not just encourage, but also compel potential customers to your offer.

Proposalist bridges the gap between great startups and even greater client proposals. Instead of sending out Word documents that fail to impress, this tool lets you develop beautiful one-pager websites or leaflets of your proposals that you can send out to your leads. You can track recipient behavior, whether they answer to your desired action or not, and tweak your plans as you see fit.


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If you have a team for your startup, it probably would be best if you work remotely to save up on unnecessary costs without compromising productivity. To aid you in your quest in running a successful office-less startup (as least for you), Asana is the perfect solution.

The project management and collaboration tool keep team members are updated and aware of the task at hand. With its rich user interface and a host of collaboration features, you can finish projects by breaking them down into smaller tasks assigned to your deadline. You can also set deadlines and follow up on each member to keep them aware and focus on their goals.


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As your startup grows with more employees and clients, you may need a much more robust tool to manage the growing number of people and projects. WorkflowMAX is a more comprehensive project management tool that lets you track your project goals much easier.

It also includes a time tracking tool, so each member becomes more accountable to the work they do for the assigned tasks and projects. You can allocate and predict hours that you and your team members can do for each task so you can plan ahead for your other projects in advance.


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Reporting to clients can be a painstaking process. You will have to make your data intelligible enough for laymen to understand. Not to mention, you will have to create an attractive layout that best communicates your findings and results.

SushiStatus takes away the guesswork of building a client report by using the tool to generate it for you. The report can be divided into four categories that your customers will find simple enough to understand: budgets, timelines & milestones, to-do lists, and flags. You can also use the report to inform your team of your achievements, obstacles, and breakthroughs to keep everyone in the loop.


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If your aim is to focus truly on making the most out of your hours of work, then Toggl will help you and your remote team achieve maximum productivity. The time-tracking tool will track the number of minutes and hours you spent on particular tasks for multiple projects.

This is also perfect if you are working with a freelancer. Encourage them to use Toggl so you can keep track of their time and provide you with a billable report of your total hours for the week or month.

Another great feature of Toggl is the ability to use it anytime and anywhere. You can install Toggl on your desktop, laptop, or smartphone so you can still keep track of your progress regardless of the device you are using.

Have any other promising tools that you like to suggest for startups to grow their business? Share them by commenting below!

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