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CellSpin: All Your Mobile Blogging Should Belong To Us

CellSpin: All Your Mobile Blogging Should Belong To Us

It does not matter whether you are a BlogSpot hippie, a TypePad junkie or you belong to the cult of WordPress (both of them).

It does not matter whether your phone was made by Nokia, LG, Blackberry or chisled out by Steve Jobs himself.

Regardless of the blog platform and phone you choose, CellSpin is attempting to make mobile blogging easier for the masses with an array of free media tools that made this blogger do “the happy dance.”

The Good

After setting up my CellSpin account (and hooking it up to my various blogs), I was thrilled with the fact that I could post the same message (or photo) to several different blogs at once.

This could come in handy for those who publish on multiple blogs and need to easily inform their readers of an upcoming absence (i.e. vacation, sickness, or a political rant).

Another cool feature was the fact that users could adjust the image resolution–a feature that may make many photo bloggers very happy.

As far as media goes, CellSpin allows users to easily record their spoken thoughts.

To my knowledge, CellSpin does not limit your audio posts by either time or file size, which is good news for those of you who enjoy hearing yourself talk. ;-)

CellSpin also supports video posting, although I was unable to test this feature out, as the iPhone lacks video support (at least for now).

Last but not least, CellSpin is friendly to a host of blog platforms, including:

Blogger / BlogSpot /
CellSpin Clogs (their blog platform)

It’s also compatible with Twitter and Pounce (not to mention Picasa and Flickr too).

The Bad

One of the few features that I did not enjoy about CellSpin was the fact that images posted are hosted on their servers, and not your blog’s platform.

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While BlogSpot users may be able to get around this by posting to Picasa too, other users may not be comfortable having personal images on another server.

Also another irritation was the fact that after writing a text post, you are unable to edit it before you publish it to your blog.

This means that if you are interrupted by a phone call, you have to either publish a half written thought, or start all over again from the beginning.

Last but not least their was no way to post images and text together (or even audio with a text explanation below it), a feature that may convince users to stick with current iPhone blog platform apps (such as WordPress or TypePad) or look for other current alternatives (like BlogSpot’s mail-to-blogger).


CellSpin is a very powerful tool, and it is good to see them on almost 300 other devices (including the iPhone).

If they were able to find some way of allowing users to publish photos, text and audio together, they could easily position themselves as the iPhone blogging app of choice (which would help them attract advertisers on their app, instead of the public service ads that I see).

Hopefully we will also see CellSpin expand the number of blog platforms supported (as Movable Type fans are feeling left out in the cold–at least on the iPhone).

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  • This works really well !!! Very happy with the results :) never been so easy or intuative (sp?) anyhow thank you very much, has saved me sooo much time and effort! Thanks alot you are all superstars

  • Interesting. I tried out Cellspin while selecting applications for my mobile blogging applications package and was thoroughly underwhelmed by it’s capabilities back then. If it’s improved this much I may just have to try it out again.

  • I must thank you for cell spin,as it’s been very supportive to me and helped me a lot while mobile blogging.I love all the features but You know what i enjoy most is video posting. really superb tool.

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