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Great Titles and Web Design for Maximum Traffic

Great Titles and Web Design for Maximum Traffic

It has been said that the title is the most important part of the article. And while this is true, even the best content can be hindered by very poor web design standards. There are companies like WSI that work on both sides of this equation, and it’s a holistic understanding like this which helps website and blog owners make the most out of their web traffic.

Written content itself is very important. If it’s good, providing real value to a diverse (or highly specialized) set of readers, it is liable to build loyalty to the brand of the person writing it. Still, titling gets the most viewers “in the door” at any one time, as it is what draws eyes the the site out of all the possible destinations on the internet. There are many ways that titling interacts with web design elements itself (which also contributes to catch the eye of casual internet passersby). Here are some of the ways that these two elements interface.

Web Design and Titling are the Primary Guides to a Site or Blog.

If someone is visiting your site or blog for the very first time, they have to understand some simple information immediately. “What am I going to find here?” If a person doesn’t understand what sort of content you are providing (usually through clear copy and titles), your site will seem like a mishmash and you’ll likely lose the viewer. “How do I find what I need?” is another important question. Here, your web design choices should make the answer very clear. Even if your web design isn’t expensive, it should be clear and effective. Lots of simple blogs get tens of thousands of readers simply by being clear in their title and design elements.


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Search Engine Optimization is the way that site creators engineer their websites and blogs so that they are very visible on Google search results. Each major search engine has a different way of finding relevant content for their customers, but titling is one of the best ways. This includes finding important keyword phrases, which real people type when they want to learn something, and putting these in prominent places in titles and in the very code of the site. This can get complicated, but it’s important.

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Good design and titling are moving targets. What worked five years ago doesn’t work today. So you’ve got to keep up on the style of site designs and title qualities, so that you can keep your edge. As always, it’s important to be conscious of fashions, so that your site doesn’t appear irrelevant. At the same time, you’ve got to find a way to maintain individuality, so that your titles don’t look like something you see at any old site out there.

There are many other ways that titling and web design cross paths for maximum web exposure, but these are some of the most important. Some people focus too much on one and not the other, but together design and titling can make your information easy to find and easy to digest.

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  • I agree the title is very important as it helps people decide whether to continue reading and paint a picture of what your article is possibly about. I love the points this article gives web design is an ever evolving process and I like reading article like this that give me different perspective.

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