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How Can You Increase eCommerce Conversions In A Competitive Industry

How Can You Increase eCommerce Conversions In A Competitive Industry

For those of you running an online store, the summer season is one of your favorite times of the year. However, in a competitive industry like clothing, there are thousands of other online stores vying for consumer attention, and some of them have a better stock in terms of quality/range than your store.

Despite the increase in competition in eCommerce space each year, there is always an opportunity to improve by focusing on increasing your conversions. This is essential if you want to improve revenue this financial year.

What often prevents online store owners from concentrating on the conversion metric is that improving it is time consuming, challenging, and complex. In reality, however, you can significantly increase conversions by making a few tweaks to your website and adding some features, such as the following:

Optimize your checkout process

Shopping cart abandonment haunts many eCommerce site owners, and it has a significant impact on conversions. As a result, reducing shopping cart abandonment is the first thing you should be looking at when trying to improve conversions.

One way of reducing abandonment is to keep the checkout process simple and concise. WebCredible’s survey informed that 10 percent shoppers leave carts because of complicated and multiple steps involved in checkout processes. They were also annoyed by product suggestions, registration forms, and surveys before they were allowed to purchase an item.

Apart from the length of the checkout process, simplicity matters. You can have low conversions even with a one-step checkout process if it isn’t simplified. A good checkout process is illustrated on ModCloth’s website; the retailer has listed only four steps in the checkout process and each of them are simplified.

Make your site mobile-friendly

According to the Bluehost blog post about improving your online store, today’s shoppers are going to use mobile and tablet devices to shop. Your online store may not work as well as shoppers expect if you don’t have a mobile version of your website. Also, 88 percent of users revealed they won’t return to the website if they have a negative experience in the first visit.
With so many devices being used today, there are multiple screen sizes with which shoppers will navigate your online store, so it is important to keep your online store responsive.

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You can have a responsive design and keep it simple, keep important information above the fold, and make sure the design adjusts to display the site seamlessly in all screen sizes. It would also improve user experience if fonts are large and site buttons are easy to use on mobile.


Create urgency with value propositions

Buy today and receive a 50 percent discount, only 5 left in stock. Anybody who has seen such a sentence knows what’s up. And if you are interested in a product that has such an urgency associated with it, you don’t want to miss out on it. Therefore, you can create a sense of urgency to increase your eCommerce conversion rate.
Crafting effective value-propositions may be a challenge at first as it can be difficult to figure out what resonates with shoppers. However, after you conduct some A/B tests, you’ll be able to see how different value propositions are measuring up. For best conversion results, augment your call-to-actions with effective value propositions.

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