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Looking Into the Future With an Editorial Calendar

Looking Into the Future With an Editorial Calendar

Calendar graphicI’ve recommended working with an Editorial Calendar to organize and plan your blog’s content, and now, I want you to look into the crystal ball of the future to make some decisions about upcoming blog content.

The Olympics are coming. Didn’t you hear? Are you ready to blog about the Olympics? What angle might you take? The Tibet issue? The China as criminal perspective? China as a new political and economic force in the world? The dream for gold? The athletes? An editorial on the overblown obession with physical strength and endurance? Techniques for training for Olympic competition?

There are many different angles that can be blogged about with the Olympics, from cheering to leering to jeering. This summer, it will be the hottest topic blogged about, according to my crystal ball. Are you ready to blog the Olympics?

The election is coming. Is it on your editorial calendar?

There are some spots open for bloggers covering the Democratic Convention. Do you think you have the blog stuff to be there? Is it in your plan? What about the Republican Convention? Or will you blog one or both from your living room in front of the television? What’s your angle? What’s your story on the upcoming US elections? Got one? Got a story at all? A comment? A view? A thought on who to vote for?

Summer is barely a month to two months away for many in the north side of the planet. Are you ready with blog stories about travel, picnics, swimming, hiking, boating, sailing, and other summer activities? If your blog covers any form of seasonal content, are you already thinking forward to the next season and what stories ideas you could blog about?

How far in the future are you looking with your blog? The Publish button is named so for a reason. A blogger is a self-publisher. You work hard to attract traffic and build a readership, so you have to start thinking about planning your content accordingly.

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Some of us have the ability to look at the news around us and predict what will come next. Some could, if they were paying attention. But most bloggers write within the moment, so to speak, writing about what is happening right now or in the past few days, not looking forward and planning to write about what they know is going to happen.

The further from today you can look down your blogging path, the more directed your blog will be and how much easier it will be to generate content with a solid plan.

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  • I have a paper calendar where I track posts that have or are scheduled to go live and I use Microsoft Office (with reminders) to plug in bloggable events in the future.

    It’s not the most high tech method but it seems to be working for me. I would be curious to hear what tools other bloggers use for this purpose.

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