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Plurking to 100 Karma .. and then what?

Plurking to 100 Karma .. and then what?

Microblogging service Plurk may not be as popular as Twitter, but it does have a strong presence in South East Asian countries, and has even been banned in China.

What sets Plurk apart is the Karma system that rewards users with new emoticons and features the longer they use the service. It has hit that point since Plurk’s launch last year where more and more users have reached the 100 Karma cap. This is essentially a reward in itself, as once you cap 100, your Karma no longer goes down (apparently Karma decreases when you leave the service untouched for a period of time).

I did send an email to the developers asking if there’s anything beyond 100 points of karma, but alas I failed to receive a response after they told me to send the questions over. It’s been weeks.

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The rollout of rewards for increasing your karma includes being able to change your theme CSS layout, a ton of new emoticons, and being able to embed photos and video on your timeline. I just think that after all that, there needs to be a nice reward that culminates such an innovative feature.

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