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Review: Intense Debate, And Why Every BlogSpot User Should Get It

Review: Intense Debate, And Why Every BlogSpot User Should Get It

While Google’s Blogger platform has come a long way since its rebirth, it may have taken “two steps back” after launching OpenID within their system.

Without warning, Google removed the ability for non-blog*spot commentors to link their domain with their name in the comment section, which made some users very upset.

Blogger users seeking to regain control of their comment section may find outsourcing their comments elsewhere may be the simplest option for their readers, and Intense Debate may prove to be the easiest way to open up their comment system online.

One of the reasons blog*spot users may enjoy using Intense Debate is the ease and beauty of installing the code within the site. While many other commenting platforms have user friendly installation systems, very few of them compliment the blog layout once installed.

Usually users either have to manually edit the code or accept the fact that their comment section is a public eyesore. Intense Debate (or ID for short) automatically adjusts itself to match your blog’s background, giving users the ability to focus more on writing, than with messing with the code.

Another problem ID helps bloggers with is comment spam. Although their system probably has not been tested to the degree of Askimet on WordPress, it may prove to be an effective alternative to CAPTCHA’s thus allowing everyone to comment without the need for users to bypass silly word tests (which may become extinct anyways).

Last but not least ID is very open, allowing users registered with their network, or with OpenID to add their opinions, as well as those choosing not to submit information to either. This should help some blogger blogs regain their opinionated users again, which may have left due to the fact that Google “closed” down their comment section.

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While ID does not yet support email updates for comments (which is probably its only drawback), they do offer users the ability to subscribe via RSS, which may appeal to geeks more than the general population.

Blogger users may find Intense Debate to be a breathe of fresh air compared to Bloggers original commenting system, which would not only benefit the blog authors, but their readers as well.

(Hat Tip: TechCrunch)

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  • I put so much faith in your excellent review that I went and installed it myself. Seamless installation and an excellent tool. Looking forward to seeing how it plays out.

  • Thanks so much for this review! Just stumbled across this amazing tool this evening and was looking for opinions on it.

  • Intense Debate is for me the best commenting system that i have come across on the web. I recently installed it on my blog and it works a charm. Great social interaction with twitter and frienfeed, so you can tweet your comments.

  • In social reality over your blog is what you dream perhaps, to think ambitiously about the niche of the speaker and integration with the user.

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