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Should Google Declare Blogpress As Their Unofficial iPhone App For Blogger?

Should Google Declare Blogpress As Their Unofficial iPhone App For Blogger?


With the iBlogging wars still raging on in Steve Jobs back yard, a few iPhone apps are beginning to carve up the market based upon blog platforms.

While Automattic and Six Apart have created WordPress and TypePad apps, respectively, Google may want to consider annointing BlogPress (an iPhone app created by CoolLittle Things) to represent them before the Blogger masses.

Although there are other iPhone apps that can connect with BlogSpot blogs (such as LifeCast, BlogWriter and iBlogger), BlogPress’s latest update may make it the strongest contender for the hearts of Blogger fans everywhere.

What’s New

BlogPress has added several new features since the last time they were reviewed.

First off, BlogSpot users may notice that you can now adjust the size of photos posted by simply touching the image.

In order to keep your photo from looking distorted, BlogPress has enabled an image ratio feature that keeps your image dimensions proportional (which you can always turn off at your own risk).

BlogPress also allows users to align their images to the left or right, instead of just only to the center (and above the text).

You can also apparently link your image back to a specific domain (instead of having it point link towards the Picasa album where it’s hosted).

While adjusting images may excite some BlogSpot fans, one thing I really enjoyed was the ability to add labels to Blogger blogs from within the app.

BlogPress users can access this by clicking on the little “i” (located to the far right in the title field) and then typing in the labels they want to appear with the post.

Last but not least BlogPress allows users to change the date of the post, which means that BlogSpot users can now future post from their iPhone.

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What’s Needed

While I did not experience any major bugs with this app, BlogPress may want to correct the “magically disappearing text” that happens after one adds a photo (note: it does not dissappear, but it looks that way until you start scrolling down).

Even though BlogSpot users can now insert labels with their posts, it would be great if BlogPress could “import them” so you can simply select the labels from a list (instead of having to manually type them in every time).

Last, it would be great if BlogPress allowed users to type in landscape mode, as their are many people afflicted with “fat-eous fingerous” (note: like me).


Although Google has listed third party software to help BlogSpot users blog on their mobile phones, they may want to consider highlighting BlogPress to the masses as many iPhone users may be still waiting for a native app for Blogger.

Other blog companies¬†have promoted iPhone apps made by third party companies (example: LiveJournal highlighted the on their corporate blog), and unless Google is designing an iPhone app of their own for Blogger, they may want to consider taking some time out and recognize the “little guy” who is complimenting one of their products.

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  • Do you know if the Geotagging information is still sent to picasa if you blog a photo from Blogpress?

  • Hey, this is great. would you say it’s still the best on the market? i’ve just started up a blog on blogspot and iIwanna use my shiny new iPhone to update it but not sure if this is worth the 6 quid?

  • The “magically disappearing text” happens on the blogger website as well, so it sounds like they’re giving you exactly the same functionality as Blogger!

    Thanks for the review, I’m going to check it out.

  • Here I heard so many positive review about blog-press. I really like to know about blogpress. It is allow user to download automatically any flash games to your blog. It means that people can easily get games in their blog from the iphone.

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