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What I Love And Hate About The WordPress iPhone App

What I Love And Hate About The WordPress iPhone App

Whether you are a “Movable Type maniac” or a BlogSpot fan (note: this author is), you have to admit that WordPress has done an impressive job in building, maintaining, and supporting both and

After discovering a few weeks ago that WordPress had launched an iPhone app, I decided to download the program and give it a spin, to see if the app was pure hype or “purely awesome.”

What I Loved

There are a lot of features that I really loved about the WordPress iPhone app, which ranged from the ability to:

    • Categorize/tag posts
    • Insert multiple pictures
    • Edit previous entries (published and drafts)
    • Ability to change the publishing date
    • Enable password protection on certain posts
    • Preview a post before publishing (awesome!)
    • Autorecovery (which recovers your post if you are interrupted by a phone call)

There were many other features that I did not mention here (due to lack of time), although from this short list you will find the app to be quite powerful.

What I Loathed

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Now that I am done praising the good, here are a few things that I did not enjoy about the iPhone app.

    • Unable to select image size for pictures
    • Inserting the “more tag” can cut off your post
    • Images inserted only at the bottom of your post (ghetto!)
    • Autorecovery sometimes prevents you from saving immediate future changes after post is restored

Conclusion: Overall, this was an impressive app, and for the price (that being free) it was well worth the download.

This post was proudly written on an iPhone–although it was edited for some spelling, to rearrange the images, plus insert the “more tag”

Update: Had to rearrange the images again (too bad Apple will not let you name them within your iPhone).

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  • Have you tried BlogIt from Typepad or the native Typepad app for the iPhone. I use blogit a lot and it works great. I also use the iMT (iPhone movable type app) a bit.

  • The WordPress app is cool but I really would only use it to write things, not post them, but write them. I would then review them and put finishing touches on it when I get to my computer. I don’t use the WordPress app because I’ve figured out that I can just use the notes app and email it to myself. And, when I do this I don’t have to have another application installed on my iPhone.

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