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Will iPhone 3.0 Make 12seconds The Next Big Thing After Twitter?

Will iPhone 3.0 Make 12seconds The Next Big Thing After Twitter?


Regardless of whether you are an iLover or an iHater, all the geek groupies next month will be panting about Steve Jobs latest iDevice, also known as the iPhone.

While the latest features of iPhone 3.0 will take blogging to a whole new level (mostly thanks to copy & paste), it may be the hidden code underneath that will promote one iPhone app, 12seconds to super stardom.

For those who may have never heard about this mini startup before, 12seconds is a micro video blogging service hailed by some to be the “Twitter of video” due to it’s 12 seconds (or less) limit.

While this service is great for desktop users, iPhone cultists are left in the dark due to the fact that Apple currently does not support video upon the iPhone (despite the fact that it does support video via jailbreaking).

But all that may change when June comes around–that is if you believe the rumors.

(Phones Anyway judging by this supposed video for what the new iPhone 4G will look like it would appear it is titanium and glass with an OLED display, 3G, true GPS, 3.2 megapixel camera, video capable, 32GB, standard headphone jack and the much wanted removable battery.

Currently the only thing iUsers can do in 12seconds is take three pictures and record and upload an audio to accompany them.

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While this makes for an excellent (if brief) slideshow, it does not make 12seconds all that appealing for iUsers on the go.

If Apple truely does release video for the masses, we may see an explosion in growth for 12seconds, whose brief video snippets complements the ever shortening attention span of the digital generation.

While Google’s YouTube will probably receive the majority of video uploads (as virtually everyone is one it), 12seconds may be able to carve out a healthy niche for itself–and perhaps attract a few more celebrities beyond Shaq.

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