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The Stay at Home Mom’s Guide to Remote Work Freelance

The Stay at Home Mom’s Guide to Remote Work Freelance

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Being a stay at home mom can feel like a full-time job itself, but if you are a mom who loves a rewarding challenge, then picking up a remote part-time job is a great option.

Freelancing gives you the flexibility to still be a mom and keep your child at the forefront of your attention, while still putting your creativity to work with paid projects. Sites like Upwork, Fiverr, and Flexjobs are great resources for finding new projects, but first, let’s get into the fun stuff.

The benefits of freelancing as a stay-at-home mom seem to be never-ending, but here are a few to start off.

  • Choose Your Own Hours

Each week, or month, you will be able to completely set your schedule yourself by determining how many projects you want to apply for and/or accept. Unlike the traditional 9-5 work hours, most freelance jobs are very flexible with their hours. You can grab a few hours on a project you are working on during nap time, at night, or throughout random times of the day because it is completely your schedule.

  • Unlimited Vacation Time

Though freelance jobs and projects do not come with benefits, therefore vacation time, the concept stays the same for a stay at home mom while freelancing. Long gone will be the days of having to request PTO or plan vacations around your work schedule. If you need to take a week, or even a month, off at any given time, you can do so once you complete whatever projects you were currently working on. This also applies to any family emergencies or those timely sick days that kids always seem to have during the busiest times. The stress is off and you can simply be with your little ones.

  • Change of Scenery

Searching for a change of scenery can involve two different things. For starters, you can want a change of scenery by definition. Do you want to go to the park? Great, you can use your hotspot to work offline! The ice cream shop? Amazing you can get your projects done there too! Wherever your life takes you as a mom, your remote freelancing job can follow.

Another change of scenery can be the types of projects you do. You can always find new companies and showcase your creative work with new visions and new professionals all the time. Maybe you found a company that you truly love, and you do a few projects for them each month and that is your happy place. If so, that’s wonderful, but with freelancing, there are never any strings attached to jobs like having a contract. No harm, no foul, if you ever want to leave after one project.

  • Additional Income

This one seems like a given, because who doesn’t love additional streams of income?

Because it isn’t a salaried position, freelancing can fluctuate your cash take-home from month to month. While there are some freelancing projects that are on a contract basis, meaning you get a set amount of money for several months or even a year, there is still room for fluctuation based on hours worked per week, entries written, etc,. This can also mean you can base how much you work on the things in your life, and how much extra money you may need that month for a fun trip or an exciting event coming up, maybe even the holidays.


Though writing is a huge area of freelancing, there are plenty of other freelance specialties as well. In fact, here are 5 popular freelance jobs on the market now.

  1. Graphic Design
  2. Writer/Editor
  3. Accountant or Financial Specialist
  4. Social Media Specialist/Marketing
  5. Tutor/Teacher

Pro Tips 

Staying on top of your game throughout your freelancing journey can sometimes feel like an uphill battle, but these pro tips will help you keep steady.

  • Create a LinkedIn and Post Frequently

Creating a LinkedIn profile is free and simple to do. It can easily connect you with other professionals around you, both working moms and not. By posting, you can always be sure to stay up to date on yourself and your accomplishments for your connections to see, as well as be able to interact with others.

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  • Build Your Credibility

Posting on LinkedIn will allow you to stay up to date on your accomplishments for your connections to see, as well as be able to interact with others.

  • Showcase the fact that you are a mom

Do not hide your motherhood, but rather use it to your advantage. It truly is a superpower, and many companies will take the creative thinking of a mother as a secret weapon for their projects.

  • Continue to learn and grow

Each project will be a stepping stone. Whether that project went exactly according to plan or not, you will be able to learn and grow your craft.

  • Love what you do

With freelancing, you have the unique opportunity to wake up and choose it each day, so you might as well love it!


It’s okay to love your full-time job as a stay at home mom. But it’s also okay to want more as a part-time stream of income while doing that incredible job of motherhood. This list has given you the benefits of freelancing, some examples of remote work, and some pro tips to be the best remote freelancer possible.

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