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2 Cool Kickstarter Gadgets for the Health Conscious Techie

2 Cool Kickstarter Gadgets for the Health Conscious Techie

Techies care about their health and staying fit too! With the advent of the mobile technology era we’ve seen a plethora of apps, websites and gadgets geared towards conquering and tracking everyday life and improving productivity. The truth is that most of us find every excuse we can to never workout or indulge in as much as we want in our sweet tooth. We constantly look for ways to make tracking meals and those calories easier and Kickstarter has helped to launch quite a few products to help us with just that. The Apple Gazette Kickstarter store tracks and showcases fully-funded Apple-centric products geared towards our techies and lots of other products.

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I found a couple health conscious launched projects that will definitely inspire you to start monitoring and working toward a healthier life.

The HAPIfork



The HAPIfork is a device used with Apple products to help you track your fork portion sizes and how long it takes you to eat your meals in an effort to help you slow down your munching speed since fast eating leads to poor digestion and weight control challenges. The HAPIfork warns users with indicator light alerts when eating too quickly by measuring every instance when you bring your food from your plate to your mouth.

The device comes integrated with apps called HAPILabs and HAPIform which offer a coaching program and links your data to an online dashboard for tracking eating habits.

A perfect addition to your everyday utensils to curb your eating behavior. Check out the HAPIfork here.




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Health isn’t all about losing weight, tracking meal habits and avoiding sweets but includes paying attention to the quality of the environment we’re living in. The Sensordrone kinda turns you into a scientist / climatologist by turning your mobile device into a Carbon Monoxide Detector, Non-Contact Thermometer, Gas Leak Detector, Light Sensor, Weather Station, Color Tester, Infrared Heat Detector, Diagnostic Tool, and even a professional Breath Analyzer (Test your alcohol levels). This entire toolkit is packed in an 1oz device.

The creators have also provided an API for developers who wish to extend the device’s capabilities.

Its a powerful, wearable and user-friendly Bluetooth enabled device for field technicians and for those worried about the quality of their home’s atmosphere. Works great with any smartphone. Check it out in the Apple Gazette Kickstarter store here.

The Kickstarter store has always produced great quality products and with Apple products’ popularity, the Apple Gazette Kickstarter is a great place to find neat and useful gadgets for your devices and everyday life. Check out the store here.

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