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3 Things a Blogger Can Do to Secure Financial Stability

3 Things a Blogger Can Do to Secure Financial Stability

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Unless you’re a superstar blogger who’s got it made, the chances are that you don’t – or can’t – rely on your own blog to bring home the bacon. That’s the stark reality, which we all have to face. Blogging is all fun and games until you make it your sole source of income, and suddenly, you realize that it might not be a good idea to do that.

That being said, there is no reason not to dream about becoming so big a blogger that you can stop worrying about other revenue streams. In the meantime, however, you might want to ensure – as much as possible – that you have financial stability in the mid- to long-term. Here are some ideas to get you going.

Consolidate your writing and sell ebooks

How prolific a blogger are you? If you can be totally honest with yourself, you should take a step back and analyze the content that you have been serving up over the years. You just might have enough material to create ebooks and sell them. You may not earn big bucks (or you may, actually), but this is a good revenue stream that can be continuous if you have something to offer readers. If, however, your content does not bring anything practical and/or new to the table, don’t waste your – and other people’s – time.

Make small investments

If you’ve been smart, you might have a little money set aside. Every financial advisor says we ought to have savings, and if you do, then why not consider making that money work for you? Investing is not without risks, of course, but you might as well look for solid opportunities. What I have been doing in the past decade is putting money into mutual funds. It’s small time investing, but I rest assured that part of my money is going somewhere and is actually earning. Here’s a good primer on mutual funds to help you get started.

Consider franchising

Along the lines of making investments, you could also look into a more active business opportunities – the end goal is the same: financial stability. Franchising is one of the more popular options these days, and while it is also not without risk, with the right knowledge and preparation, you could set up something that can be a lucrative revenue stream. Franchise opportunities exist left and right, covering all sorts of businesses, and resources like can help you get your feet wet.


At the end of the day, these ideas for financial stability are not unique to bloggers, but we have to face the reality that the Internet’s landscape has changed so much and is changing even faster. There are more players, and the rules are ever changing. In order to make sure you survive outside of the blogosphere, you have to look at real-world opportunities as well and look toward the future!

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  • I think that most bloggers want to make money from just their own written thoughts or reviews. I think that you can make a living off this but you better be well known! Anybody can pop high at any second, you just have to keep a positive outlook on things and make the best of the tools you have with you. – Scott Craighead

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