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4 iPhone Apps to Increase Your Blogging Productivity

4 iPhone Apps to Increase Your Blogging Productivity

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There we go again with the “P” word. Whether you’re a blogger, a social media expert, or a professional copywriter, productivity always seems to come up. I suppose the same can be said of any person who holds a job. At the end of the day, we are measured by how much we produce and the quality of what we produce.

As a full-time blogger, the chances are that you do not have to answer to a boss in the traditional sense. However, there are your readers to consider. There is the revenue. There is that personal sense of having gotten things done.

And we come back to where we started: productivity.

With all the shiny things that distract us left and right, you can only do so much to ensure that you are productive. To help you with that, here are some iPhone apps that will point you in the right direction.


A blogger has to produce fresh, relevant content on a regular basis. Unless you’re an inexhaustible fount of ideas, you will have to find inspiration from others. And that’s where reading comes in. You can always check your favorite web sites for this, of course, but I find it handy to read on my phone during my downtime. Productivity and efficiency at its finest!

There are many magazine-type newsreaders out there, but I choose Zite because of how well it fits in my routine. Its recommendation engine works very well for me, and its UI also makes it easy for me to find content that I find interesting and relevant.


Ideas strike at the weirdest of times. I’ve had my most brilliant moments in the middle of grocery shopping or a night of drinking with friends. And, even if you have the sharpest of memories, it is always good to jot down those ideas. You never know if you’ll forget them!

For this purpose, I like Evernote, as it syncs across my devices, making things more convenient.


If you work with photos a lot in your blog, then you have to have this app. FrameMagic basically allows you to create those photo collages that are popular these days. While there is something to be said about high res images of single scenes, collages do serve their purpose, and this app does a great job integrating different platforms (including Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter).

Your platform’s app

This is a no brainer. If you’re using WordPress, and you are serious about improving your blogging productivity, then you have to have the iOS app. If you’re using Blogger, there’s an app for that as well.

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Of course, you can always write a post using some other app – Evernote included – but these mobile blogging apps make it easy for you to quickly publish a pos wherever you may be.

I have to admit that this list is heavily influenced by my own biases, but rest assured that my personal experiences with the apps support their worth!

Author name: Jamee Sheikh

Jamee is a mother 2 wonderful children and technology geek. For the past 2 years Jamee has worked as a smart phone repair technician working on all models of iPhone and Android phones. Recently she decided to leave “the rat race” and hang her own shingle by starting Follow Jamee on Google+ or her company Facebook Page to learn more.

Images via Sean MacEntee and Julian Santacruz

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