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5 Signs You Should Be Taking Your Writing Seriously

5 Signs You Should Be Taking Your Writing Seriously

So you have been on and off at it, writing for yourself and even looking into various resources for writers. You are interested but you don’t take the plunge for whatever reason. You are somewhere in between, not knowing whether to forget about writing altogether or take it to the next level.

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Here are 5 signs that will tell you that you should be taking your writing seriously.

You Love to Write

You love writing and there is no denying that you feel happy doing it and fulfilled when there are results. Whenever you get inspired about something, you write about it instead of merely talking about it. There is no question that without writing, your life seems to be incomplete.

You are Getting Good Reviews for Your Writing

Other people are actually taking notice of your writings, however informal. You get constant positive feedback. Some are even requesting you to write for them or actually offering to pay you to write for them.

You Keep Coming Back to Writing

Even when you chose another profession to pursue, you still find time to write. Nothing is able to stop you from writing except the time constraints dictated by family and work obligations. After attending to these priorities however, you find yourself comfortably going back to writing.

You Want to Monetize Your Writing

If you have any intention of monetizing your writing, you have every reason to take your writing more seriously. You may have gotten away with some easy writing gigs that doesn’t require much work but that will not always be the case. Most professional writing jobs actually have standards which writers should be following to land those much coveted writing assignments.

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You are Reading this Post

The mere fact that you are reading this post shows that somewhere within you lies the desire to take writing more seriously. There may be obstacles currently preventing you from taking the plunge. It has to be noted though that certain compromises can be arrived at to overcome these obstacles.

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Here’s the thing. If you want to write, then write because you’ll never really know if you have potentials for it unless you try. Do it, enjoy it, and make your life more interesting with it. Create a blog and write to your heart’s content. Taking your writing more seriously will come in time because you will know that this is something that you would really like to do.

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  • Nice points to consider. Even if one doesn’t want to take up writing professionally or as a career, it is a very important communication tool because while doing business or work you often need to communicate with people in the written word. If you want to make an impact, you need to know how to express yourself. Every person should spend 5-10 minutes improving his or her writing skills everyday.

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