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7 Top Investment Blogs For Newbie And Veteran Investors

7 Top Investment Blogs For Newbie And Veteran Investors

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Investment blogs keep you updated on the stock market performance and movements and serve as your guide for investment options so that you get the maximum gains for your portfolio. Most investing blogs are created and written by financial advisers and market analysts who study economic data, fluctuation rates, interest rates and politics. 

Here are 7 investment blogs to follow to keep you informed of current and future events affecting the market and the various investment strategies available.

1. The Reformed Broker

Joshua M. Brown, author of the blog, is a financial advisor and CEO of Ritholtz Wealth Management in New York City. On TRB, he dishes out advice and information on markets, economics, finance, politics, media and culture. He writes about current market-related events and gives his insights. A TV commentator and writer for financial magazines and websites, Brown’s years of experience in the stock market is valuable education that he shares in his blog.

2. A Wealth of Common Sense

Ben Carlson, CFA is a portfolio manager for individuals and institutions at Ritholtz Wealth Management. He blogs almost daily on topics like wealth management, investments, financial markets and investor psychology. His posts are quite long but written in a way that newbie investors can understand. He has written books, keeps a weekly podcast, and is a speaker at various financial events in the US and Europe. 

3. Financial Samurai

Sam Dogen worked at Wall Street for 13 years before founding Financial Samurai, the investment blog that is one of the most engaged with online users. His posts, while not all about investing, are unique and in-depth. He reviews financial products and gives practical and doable advice on investing money.

4. Investopedia

Investopedia, founded in 1999, is the go-to blog for comprehensive financial education that even those without marketing or investing background can understand. Its articles give thorough explanations of any topic and it has tutorials on investing, stock market basics, ETFs, etc. Its dictionary of financial terminology is comprehensive and includes both serious and ludicrous definitions. Topics on the blog include bonds, mutual funds, stock trading, taxes and world markets. 

5. All Star Charts 

The blog is a technical analysis publication for seasoned traders and those who are looking to trade more frequently. It has more than 500 charts for stocks, commodities, foreign exchange, ETFs and intermarket analysis written by JC Parets, CMT and chief strategist for All Star Charts LLC. The blog studies the stock market performance, volatility and trading, which are charted daily. 

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Access to the blog is by membership and if you’re an active trader and into day trading, the money spent on membership will serve as your tuition for the comprehensive education the blog gives. 

6. Oblivious Investor

Mike Piper is a CPA with a series of financial books published. His blog focuses on simple investing and personal finance, with emphasis on diversification, basic microeconomics, index funds and wealth building. His articles are easy to understand and practical, focusing on simplicity. Novice investors can use Piper’s advice to start investing.

7. Contrarian Edge

The blog covers mainly investing but also has posts on classical music, a bit of travel and life musings. Its creator, Vitaliy Katsenelson, is a CFA char, the CEO of Investment Management Associates and an international sought-after speaker on. He has 20 years of experience in investing; hence, his authority on investments is unassailable. He writes about behavioral investing, cryptocurrency, options, capitalism and more.

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